Astrology is a fabulous tool to help guide us throughout our lives. It helps us to understand our blueprint we were born with and how it affects who we are. Without conscious awareness how are we meant to improve ourselves and our relationships with those closest to us? With conscious awareness we are able to improve our lives through the choices that we make. Astrology helps in all areas such as personal and spiritual development, relationships, family, career, finance and decision making.


It gives us an understanding on how our bodies are wired and give us an awareness of our own patterns of behaviour, for example:

-how we think and communicate
-what emotionally fulfils us
-where our hardest lessons will be
-what we enjoy most out of our relationships


Astrology is an alternative guide to help people understand benefits and challenges that lie in their relationships and how to accept people for who they are and work with the challenges in a more conscious manner. Astrology can give us a great understanding of the children we bring in to this world and help us understand the best ways to approach communicating with our children and what style of teaching they will benefit from and most importantly how they will feel most nurtured from your parenting.


Many people use astrology for tools when buying a home, setting a date for surgery, or planning a wedding.