On Friday 16 August 2019 we have a Full Moon in Aquarius.  Usually on an Aquarius Full Moon we experience some sort of change.  This could be due to you initiating change or change happening due to environmental factors, but certainly expect the unexpected around this time.  Aquarius energy brings with it those “aha moments”, strong gut feelings and very unpredictable energy.  It also brings with it the need to show the authentic you as an individual.  As Aquarius is an air sign, communication will be strong as well as the need to party and socialize.  The Full Moon in Aquarius is opposing the Sun in Leo.  These two rule the head and the heart.  You may find around this full moon and the theme for the next month is that your attention is being brought to issues that are helping your head and heart come into alignment.  You may feel like connecting with people more of like mind around this time, or at least realising who is not on the same wave legnth as you.  Watch out for synchronicities, these will give you a clue if you are on the right path. Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius to get a better understanding where this full moon is affecting you.