This time every year (21 March) we celebrate the seasons changing from Summer into Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.   The equinox represents the Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun resulting in equal day and equal night.  It is a time of change, endings and beginnings. We now start the astrological new year.  For the next month we are being asked to spend our attention on ourselves versus the need for relationship. We need to assess who we are as well as finding the love for ourselves stronger than the need for relationship.  Once we can do this we are then ready to share our love with another.  You will see where you over-compromise versus where you are too selfish this month.   Usually we give too much love to other relationships and don’t allow ourselves to receive.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aries to get a better idea of where the Sun will be illuminating a call for more independence this month.