Aries Full Moon ~ Full Blast

We have a Full Moon in Aries on 14 October 2019 NZT .   Collectively we are being asked to look at our individual beliefs versus how we relate to our partners.  Are we overly selfish and not looking to bring balance to our relationships, or are we giving too much of our identity away to our partner? Are we still living with the same beliefs we had years ago?  Does our identity reflect our soul and who we have grown into at this very moment?  Typical emotions you may feel over this Moon phase are impatient, irritable, impulsive and selfish.  The more positive emotions are feeling inspired, courageous, independent, active and productive.  This Full Moon is making an exact ‘square’ over to Pluto, which makes a powerful punch for endings/beginnings and transformation.   You may notice distinct chapters changing in your life as we are shifting onto the next part of our evolution.   The Moon also makes a difficult angle to Saturn.   There may be feelings of restriction, delays, frustrations and isolation.   Try not to act too impulsively around this time and wait for the energy to settle before initiating change.  It is also a time to be careful of accidents as people are feeling impatient.   I encourage you to use this energy to get physical or put your passionate energy into your hobbies.   Venus is also making an ‘opposition’ to Uranus the day before the Full Moon so be prepared for the unexpected to occur.  People may be acting rather erratic if they are not very aware of this energy.  Try book in some down time over the next 48 hours to give your nervous system a break.  Rome was not built in a day 🙂  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aries  to see where this Full Moon energy is affecting you.

Venus enters Scorpio

“Ultimately only really you, know you”.  Venus the planet of love and values moves into Scorpio on Wednesday 9 October 2019.  Venus will be asking us to get to the bottom of any issues to do with love, relationships and values.  This can help with issues that have been floating around in your mind, confusing you for the last couple of months. You will start to see things very clearly.  Venus in Scorpio analyses its emotions so deeply that you’ll know if your 100% in or 100% out.  Feelings that may arise with Venus in Scorpio are jealousy, possessiveness, being secretive and using your power to manipulate.  The best ways to channel this energy is by sorting your finances and also using your investigating skills when it comes to researching any topic.  It is also a great time to express your emotions through romance with your loved one.  Passions will run deep with all this Scorpio energy therefore find ways to channel this into hobbies or your job.  This will help limit self destructive behaviour.  For a better idea of how Venus in Scorpio will affect you, look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Scorpio.  You will find you get much enjoyment and love from this area of your chart while Venus is here.

Mars enters Libra

Mars is the planet that rules our desires, assertion and extroverted energy.  Mars enters Libra on 4 October 2019.  We become more motivated over the next 6 weeks to find harmony when relating.  We may find it more difficult to achieve our daily projects without some companionship to motivate us.  We do of course still have a bit of plutonic/scorpionic influence so we aren’t complete push overs.  Part of us is feeling airy-fairy and wants everything to be peaceful, where the other parts of us are feeling more truthful and cutting.  It’s like mixing a bit of fantasy/romance narrative with a horror twist. It is a great time to sort out a conflict. The next 6 weeks with Mars here we can find justice and negotiations are reached.   You may find yourself weighing every scenario out and procrastinate on things.  Thats where Mercury in Scorpio can help you to committ.  The desire to shop, eat out and indulge in a massage or get a pedicure is where you may find your energy is focused more towards as opposed to exercise.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to get a better idea of how this is affecting your chart.  Reach out if you would like a reading…or just weigh it out a bit more 😉

Weekly update

This week we begin with a fresh dose of Libra energy which is boosting our relationships.  We had a new moon on Sunday 29 September 2019, however, it received some very tense energy from Pluto.  This month is not going to be an ‘easy’ one.  Relationships take a strong transformative spin, where we are forced to own our shadow side and work through fears, shame and deep-seated past habitual patterns.  If skeletons come up to haunt you, know that Pluto is trying to transform how you view this situation or pattern.  We have Venus square Pluto exactly on Monday 30 September 2019.  If you are experiencing power plays with people then you know why! It signifies the death of certain behaviors and values but at the same time a ‘resurrection’ of what you thought you had finished with.  Pluto is strongly a theme this month but in particular, this week as it goes direct on Thursday 3 October 2019, therefore its energy is amplified.  The same day Pluto turns direct we have Mercury enter Scorpio (which is ruled by Pluto).  In short, there is no escaping our demons and controlling behavior.  Use this energy to empower yourself and be brave enough to look at what is self-sabotaging and transform it into healthier patterns or stories. Pluto’s energy is assisting us all in letting go and shedding what does not serve our purpose here and now and helping us all to commit to something that holds a strong and solid foundation.  This is some deep soulful energy…

Spring Equinox

“It takes courage to be open to receive, bring that openness into your relationships”. This time every year we celebrate the seasons changing from Winter into Spring.  The equinox represents the Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun resulting in equal day and equal night.  It is a time of change, endings and beginnings.  For the next month we are being asked to spend our attention on relationships by figuring out how to balance the scales with all relationships in our life.  Our lives need to be balanced in all areas of our life such as emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  You will see what is out of balance this month and where you need to weigh the scales better.  When you slow down and really observe the patterns you create in relationships you will notice whether you are a people pleaser or someone who expects people to cater to your needs.  It takes a lot of conscious effort to balance the scales to allow ease and flow in relationship patterns.  It is not a bad thing if friends/relationships slip away due to better boundaries with yourself and with others.  The right relationships/friendships will stay that deserve a space in your life and are in more harmonious flow to your rhythm.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to get a better idea of where the Sun will be illuminating a call for balance this month.

Venus & Mercury enter Libra

On 14 &15 September 2019 we have Venus the planet of love, relationships and values combined with Mercury the planet of communication enter the sign of Libra.  This is Venus’ natural home sign, therefore, we can all expect a touch of magic to sparkle up in our relationships.  In saying that if things have not been balanced in relationships we will see the scales tip.  Its a great time to socialise and talk with like minded souls.  It is also great to indulge in the five senses (e.g. massage, eating delicious foods).  Anything romantic will go down a treat with these placements as people are more open to receiving love and giving it.  The flip side to this energy can cause arguments, by trying too hard to get your point across.  Rise to the higher vibration of Libra and seek harmony in all situations.  Libra tends to be a bit wish-washy in what it wants, therefore indecision may become increased.  Libras generally need people to motivate them to do activities, otherwise, they will be quite happy to laze about – therefore you will notice you also need motivation by others for the next month.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where a bit of love magic will light up over the next month.  Do not hesitate to reach out for a reading if you would like more guidance.

Full Moon In Pisces

On 14 September 2019 4.33pm NZT we have a Full Moon in Pisces.
Pisces represents the conscious and unconscious, therefore you may find yourself acting in ways without thinking what you are doing.  If you know any Pisces born individuals you will know how much they love to daydream and drift off into their ideal world. This will happen to us over this full moon period so try your best to stay grounded in this world.  The veil between the spirit world and earth is very thin so watch for signs, synchronicities, and hunches as your intuition will be at a peak.   Also pay attention to your dreams as they may be extremely vivid and have a sign for you.  Pisces is the last zodiac sign, therefore, represents endings, completions and surrendering to the unknown.  Pisces energy creates a sense of mystery and makes us question the broader questions about life such as what is the meaning of life.  It is an extremely compassionate time where our boundaries come down and we have so much love for humanity and are more open to our spiritual side.  However be careful not to fall to the flip side of this energy bringing chaos, illusion, running from problems and acting deceptively.  It is a great time to spend with your elders, spending time by the water, and meditating.  Look to your house ruled by Pisces to see where you are being asked to surrender to the universe and let things happen organically.

New Moon in Virgo

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 30 August 2019.  The Virgo New Moon collectively is asking us to start a new chapter in our life when it comes to diet/health, exercise, routine, job and how we are being of service. The fact the New Moon makes aspects to Mars, Venus and Uranus creates a stimulating and exciting month ahead of fresh opportunities and new beginnings (many of these will be unexpected).  We will have the energy to tackle anything this month so make the most of getting lots done.   The best way to use Virgo energy is by using discernment.  Astrologers go on about this word but in all honesty, it is the best description.  Instead of allowing all emotions and thoughts overwhelm us we need to discern what is worth paying attention to and what is going to help us move forward.  After all what we pay attention to creates our reality.  This time of year really is the best time to detox the mind, body and soul.  Help yourself by setting up healthy daily rituals (even if that means 15 minutes meditating or buying a few more healthy snacks to get your body feeling better).  Your outer life is a reflection of everything that is going on inside so I suggest you start focusing on that.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to get a more in-depth understanding where this New Moon is affecting you personally.

Mercury enters Virgo

We have Mercury the planet that rules communication, ideas and our thinking process move into Virgo on 29 August 2019.  This is the time to get down to the nitty gritty details in your life.  It is great to get your thoughts focused on your daily routine, organising/event planning, cleaning, health and fitness. We will all notice ourselves become more critical and fussy so watch out for nit picking and criticizing others and yourself.  It is a great time to use the analytical side of Virgo to really get to the bottom of whatever things in your life need order, as you have the energy available to look in great detail of how to sort your life out.  If you become very worried/anxious around the next month (typical Virgo trait)  make sure you release any restless energy by doing a hobbie (yoga/meditation), get plenty of fresh air and make yourself have some downtime to center yourself.  Look to the house in your natal chart ruled by Virgo to find out where your thoughts will be shifting over the next month.

Venus and the Sun enter Virgo

  • On 21 August 2019 Venus the planet of love, values and relationships enters the sign of Virgo.  Venus is in her detriment in this sign.  You must watch yourself being too pedantic and controlling when it comes to relationships.  Venus in Virgo, unfortunately, likes to nitpick every little fault. The best way to channel Venus is by being of service and helping your loved ones.  Cook them a nice nutritious meal.
  • The Sun also moves into Virgo on 23 August 2019.  That makes the Sun, Venus and Mars all in Virgo.  The best way to use this energy is to focus on healthy eating, getting to all the details in your life such as cleaning and organizing things you have been delaying.  It is a great time to be practical and get on with the mundane daily tasks, organization, routine and order in your daily life.   This is a time when we are getting a good look at our reality.  How can we adjust this so we are more of service both to ourselves and our environment.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to see where a heavy dose of organization is being asked of you.