Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury the planet of communication which rules our lower mind enters the sign of Sagittarius on 2
December 2020.  While Mercury is in this placement we can expect to have our minds EXPAND with greater visions and quests for life.  Life is boring without some kind of journey with this particular placement.  A journey can mean either through the mind (via meditation/yoga) or on a physical journey whether overseas or down to the zoo – anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to learn and grow.  Conversations are usually interesting with this placement as we explore our beliefs – on the flip side people can become domineering by preaching that their belief is “right”.  Learning a new subject or language is a great way to channel this energy.  Creating a vision board for future dreams is another great way to channel this energy.  It is great to dream, however, reflect on what is working well and be content with that – as Mercury here can make us feel that the grass is greener.  Your thoughts, on the whole, will become a lot more optimistic than what they have been in Scorpio for the last couple of months.  We really have been taken into the underworld this past couple of months and have shed so much.  Look to your Natal Chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to get a deeper understanding where your thoughts are being drawn to.  Feel free to book a reading with me if you wish to have your Natal chart done or want to understand your chart better.

Gemini lunar eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon also in direct alignment. Lunar Eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon. There are three types — Total, Partial and Penumbral — with the most dramatic being a total Lunar Eclipse, in which Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon.   We will be experiencing a Penumbral Eclipse this time round.  You may feel symptoms of dizziness, ungrounded, over-emotional, headaches, and psychic awareness on a high as we are all ascending – the next month we are experiencing an eclipse season… Highly fated events and situations take place in eclipse seasons. On 30 November 2020 NZT time we have a full moon in Gemini. Gemini rules our logical lower mind as opposed to our higher mind ruled by Sagittarius.  Gemini energy also rules the twins (the dual yin and yang energy that resides within us), our immediate environment, versatility, communication, and restlessness.  Around this full moon, you may be feeling the need to communicate your thoughts a lot more than usual.  This may be either via social media or just needing to physically talk a lot (watch for snappy remarks).  Thoughts and ideas will be flooding in which may make you feel a bit scattered as you will notice yourself starting one project and moving onto another before finishing the first one!  This energy is best used to get errands done and standing up for yourself.  Typical Gemini energy makes us analyze our feelings, so bear in mind to stop yourself over-analyzing your feelings. When we have a Gemini full moon it is always a time to stop and watch how your inner dialogue and thoughts are programmed – if they are not good then it is time to upgrade to better mindful techniques.   Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Gemini to get a better idea of how this full moon will be affecting you or book a reading with me to find out more.

Sun enters Sagittarius

We have the Sun moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on 22 November 2020 NZT. I bet you can all feel a spring in your step and the transition of feeling more jolly and ready to start thinking about Christmas.The next month is a great time to gallop towards your visions, dreams and take the time to contemplate different philosophies (it really is a great time to debate… but don’t fixate on your own beliefs, but rather question other beliefs).  A year where we have collectively been asked to question our beliefs and leaders in all areas of society, comes into full throttle again. It is usually the time where many people crave an overseas experience, however channel this into reading a novel or trying something new (maybe a new walk or a new cookbook). It is a time to think BIG and discover what it is you are aiming for in work/family/hobbies/relationships.  Watch for getting carried away with ideals and indulging too much in rich foods.  I suggest you use this energy to create a vision board for yourself and try a new hobby or task that you have been putting off.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to see where you are needing to expand your beliefs and ideas for the coming month or reach out for a reading and learn more about yourself.

Venus enters Scorpio

“Meet me in the middle of your story, when the soul is worn but wise”.  Venus the planet of love and values moves into Scorpio on 22 November 2020.  Venus will be asking us to get to the bottom of any issues to do with love, relationships and values.  This can help with issues that have been floating around in your mind, confusing you for the last couple of months. You will start to see things very clearly.  Venus in Scorpio analyses its emotions so deeply that you’ll know if your 100% in or 100% out.  Feelings that may arise with Venus in Scorpio are jealousy, possessiveness, being secretive and using your power to manipulate.  The best ways to channel this energy is by sorting your finances and also using your investigating skills when it comes to researching any topic.  It is also a great time to express your emotions through romance with your loved one.  Passions will run deep with all this Scorpio energy therefore find ways to channel this into hobbies or your job.  This will help limit self destructive behaviour. Maybe a thriller movie or deep mystery book will temper your detective feelings. People from your past may appear, as well old wounds. We can use the next month to heal and/or resurrect connections.  For a better idea of how Venus in Scorpio will affect you, look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Scorpio.

Scorpio New Moon

We have a New Moon in Scorpio occurring on 15 November 2020 NZT.  The New Moon will be
injecting fresh energy when it comes to purging & transforming your fears. It may force you to stand in your truth when it comes to whether you are truely with in a soul mate partnership and also standing in your truth.  You can get to deeper layers when connecting with yourself and others for the next month.  The New Moon makes a sextile to both Pluto and Jupiter.  This can bring in new opportunities this month for ways of making money or investing. There will be a feeling of abundance in some area of your chart (look to the areas ruled by Capricorn and Scorpio for clues). As it is the Scorpio season you may be feeling a strong sense of determination and seriousness with this New Moon, along with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Use this new moon by listening to your psyche as this will be at a peak.   Take some time out to meditate and listen to your imagination.   This new moon could also bring some type of culmination or revelation into your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise.

Full Moon in Taurus

We have a full moon in Taurus happening on 1 November 2020.  Seeing as this full moon is in an earth sign, your emotions may not be as sensitive as other full moons, however, your emotions will more likely manifest through a physical illness so pay attention to your body.  A Full Moon in Taurus is very grounding.  Earthly possessions and material items are appreciated as well as the simple things.  You will more than likely be assessing your finances and relationships.  What things need to be changed or adjusted? Your values and beliefs towards these things are being reviewed and possibly tested in order to help you establish what in fact your values and beliefs are.  Maybe you have outgrown them and need to take a wider perspective on them or maybe you need to stand your ground more in voicing your values to others.  The energy around this time is great to indulge in your senses with lovely food, material items (shopping) and gardening.  It is also a time to break yourself out of ruts (whether that is a habit, belief, attitude or relationship).  Taurans need security emotionally and materially so you may find yourself striving for this around the full moon, otherwise feeling not so secure if these needs are not met.  This Full Moon sits with Uranus, therefore an element of surprise and or something unexpected may occur.  Venus is opposing Chiron at the time of this Full Moon.  Maybe some old wounds will emerge or an emphasis on how you don’t feel worthy will be rise to the surface. Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Taurus to get a better understanding where the energy is playing out for you.

Venus enters Libra

On 28 October 2020 we have Venus the planet of love, relationships and values enter the sign of Libra.  This is Venus’ natural home sign therefore we can all expect a touch of magic to sparkle up in our relationships.  In saying that if things have not been balanced in relationships we will see the scales tip.  Its a great time to socialise and talk with like minded souls.  It is also great to indulge in the five senses (e.g. massage, eating delicious foods, shopping, buying flowers).  Anything romantic will go down a treat with this placement as people are more open to receiving love and giving it.  The flip side to this energy can cause arguments, by trying too hard to get your point across.  Rise to the higher vibration of Libra and seek harmony is all situations.  Libra tends to be a bit wish washy in what it wants, therefore indecision may become increased.  Libras generally need people to motivate them to do activities, otherwise they will be quite happy to laze about – therefore you will notice you also need motivation by others for the next month.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where a bit of love magic will light up over the next month.  Do not hesitate to reach out for a reading if you would like more guidance.

Sun enters Scorpio

Time to get out your cauldrons, as we have the Sun entering Scorpio on 23 October 2019 NZT.   Scorpio rules intimacy, our deepest desires, fears, past lives, death, shared money, investments, magic/witchcraft, and “taboo” topics.  The Sun will be bringing with it another layer of Scorpio energy when it comes to these subjects, allowing a purging/transformative effect to take place over the next month (we already have the planet Mercury in Scorpio). There really is no hiding from these themes and subjects.  Shed, shed and shed that which no longer serves you.  The inner witch in you will be making her presence felt.  When we have so many planets in Scorpio, you can feel your unconscious mind being tapped into as well as your sixth sense.  It is always a time to look into what baggage we can shed and transform as well as what resentments still linger.  We always go through big growth spurts emotionally and spiritually when we are in ‘Scorpio season’.  You may notice you are more determined and serious, with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Scorpio energy always gets us to find our truth and speak our truth, after all, Scorpions only sees things as black and white.  The flip side to this energy can bring about a strong need for control, hidden motivations, possessiveness, obsessiveness, secretiveness and manipulation.  Use the Scorpio energy by listening to your psyche, as this will be at a peak. This month you could have some type of culmination or revelation in your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise. I suggest you make time for your ‘magic’ rituals daily, whether that is pulling some tarot cards or fuming your home with incense.  If you want to know more about how you are personally being affected, remember to reach out for a reading.

New Moon in Libra

We have a New Moon in Libra occurring on 17 October 2018 NZT.  Libra represents our relationships, the balance we have in our relationships and environment, and the compromising we do in order to maintain balance.  Libra also represents our values, our fashion sense and our love of luxury.  This particular New Moon is making a ‘square’ to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. It is also opposing Mars, and ‘trining’ the north node. The Moon is getting a bit of a bashing as it is being ‘told off’ or being put in a pressure cooker to learn lots of lessons at once. You may feel less inclined to be compromising and more direct and truthful when it comes to relating to people around this time and for the next month.  Your mind is showing you how you really feel on a deeper level when it comes to values and self-worth.  The past is already coming into play with Mercury retrograde.  You may be noticing your past popping up when it comes to matters of the heart.   In essence, there is no escaping the truth in how we feel when it comes to relationships and what they mean to us.  Our ‘darker’ side is being shown when it comes to love and relationships.  We may not realise where we do not show love enough or where we sabotage situations.  Issues of boundaries, trust and intimacy are being highlighted under this New Moon and there will be links to the past that teach you about these lessons.  Some things may feel like they are being restricted from us around this time and over the next month, however any restriction that occurs over the next month is Saturn wanting you to learn something related to it.  Mars will be making us quick to react and quick to temper, so put your impatient energy into exercise.  Whenever the north node is involved, an element of a fate is usually involved.  Keep an eye out for people, conversations or events that happen this weekend and month. Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Libra in order to see where this new moon in playing out for you.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

On 14 October 2020 we have Mercury the planet of communication going retrograde.  Here are a few
words of wisdom to help keep you on track for the next 3 weeks:

  • Embrace feelings to want to retreat and be alone.  This can help you stay in your own energy centre and know what feelings are yours.
  • Let this show you what things are not working for you, whether that be projects, jobs or relationships.  Under this influence there will be no doubts on your true feelings so take advantage of being clear and cut throat.
  • You may be visiting past thought patterns so do not freak out if old skeletons come out to haunt you.  This is merely showing you how far you have come, and there may be a new layer of awareness coming to show revelations on this situation.
  • Do not go back to past situations that did not work out (eg.g exes), hold your boundaries strong.  Mercury retrograde can feel like a time warp that tricks you into wanting to go backwards.
  • Any situation in your life that needs to get to the root cause, this energy is here to assist in making you the BEST detective.
  • Commitment issues and suppressed feelings will no doubt be exposed so learn to embrace them rather than ignore.  In fact, make a point of talking to someone you trust about your fears.  Verbalising them can help you see sometimes how small the fear really is.
  • If you feel like you are overthinking things, do something physical like cooking, exercising, yoga.  Something to get you out of your head.