Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury the planet of communication, ideas and how we think moves into Aquarius on 17 January 2020.  You will notice your thoughts speed up, ideas coming in hot and the ability to see things from a very different perspective – almost like your looking down on yourself and can see your life from an angle that allows you to see all your possible options.  It may be harder to concentrate as you find yourself wanting to rebel and do something different.  It’s a great time to listen to those ‘aha’ moments that will be coming to you (I suggest writing them down).  As Aquarius is an air sign, you will feel more detached than usual and more in your intellect (if you feel ungrounded get out into nature).  Stimulating conversations and topics about the future, technology, innovation, science, environment and the metaphysical are bound to crop up more than usual over the next few weeks.  You will feel attracted to like-minded people even more around this time and no doubt will be wanting to be around groups of friends more (good time to socialise). It’s a great time to be part of something with a great cause in your community.  Bob Marley is a great example of how this energy can be used to its best.  He was born with Mercury in Aquarius and was a big believer in unity and equality.  We can all take a leaf from his book when it comes to accepting everyone for who they are as unique individuals. Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius to get a deeper understanding of how this placement will affect your mind over the next few weeks.

Venus enters Pisces

On 14 January 2020 we have Venus entering Pisces.  Venus represents our relationships, our relationship to money and how we earn it, values and self-esteem.  With Venus sitting in the sign of Pisces we can expect our conscious and unconscious feelings arise within our partnerships and jobs, so you may find yourself acting in ways without thinking what you are doing.  The veil between the spirit world and earth is very thin so watch for signs, synchronicities and hunches as your intuition will be at a peak when it comes to matters of the heart.   Also, pay attention to your dreams as they may be extremely vivid and have a sign for you.  Pisces is the last zodiac sign, therefore, it represents endings, completions and surrendering to the unknown.  Pisces energy creates a sense of mystery and makes us question the broader questions about life such as what is the meaning of life.  It is an extremely compassionate time where our boundaries come down and we have so much love for humanity and are more open to our spiritual side.  However, be careful not to fall to the flip side of this energy bringing chaos, illusion, running from problems and acting deceptively.  It is a great time to spend with your elders, spending time by the water, and meditating.  Look to your house ruled by Pisces to see where you are being asked to surrender to the universe and let things happen organically.

Breaking astrology news !!!

I have not looked far into the future with astrology, but what I do know is this could be one of the most powerful astrology transits I have been alive for.  Over the next week, we see Saturn and Pluto make a conjunction which only occurs approximately every 30 years. The last time they conjuncted in Capricorn was approximately 500 years ago…what a time to be alive for! What we can take from this, is a lot.  The last time this exact conjunction happened was around the time of the renaissance.  For those of you who know about this, you will understand the game-changing era that was.  What we can expect to happen on a global level with this conjunction, is a fresh era to emerge when it comes to politics and how the economy works.  On a more personal level, it may feel like you have lost all hope in one particular area of your life, when in fact everything is being sucked out of you that no longer serves you and is allowing fresh energy to come in for the next dimension that we are entering.  It will be a slow and steady process wherever Capricorn rules your chart (or if you have any planets that are at 22 degrees) and it will feel different than what you have ever experienced in your lifetime.

To top of this outstanding news, we have Uranus turning direct on 11 January 2020 along with a Lunar eclipse in Cancer.  There’s no way that you cannot be noticing something different happening in your life.  New beginnings come with endings so hang in there if you are having a hard time.  Uranus is the planet that awakens us and brings shock and surprises into our life.  It can be sometimes good and sometimes a lot to take on board.  Ultimately it is always for your growth.  On a global level this can bring about a sudden crisess to do with the planet (e.g. Australian fires) or earthquakes.  On a more personal level we may benefit from a new way of earning money, a new relationship or job, or sudden insights into how we can help mother earth be a better place.  I hope it is inspiring for you, whatever energy Uranus brings you.  Look to your house ruled by Taurus to see what themes you will most likely experience with Uranus.

Lastly, we have the Lunar eclipse in Cancer on 11 January 2020.  There is a part of us that just wants to comfort eat this weekend, snuggle up and spend time at home with family. Eclipses really do create milestones in our lives or obvious changing points on our path.  For all of us this is a peak experience where we see who and what makes you feel secure and comfortable.  What feels like home to you? The north node in Cancer has been teaching us since November 2018 to pay close attention to our emotions and see where we are not feeling emotionally nurtured.  We all need a life full of friends/relationships who nurture us and bring out positive emotions.  We need a job that allows us to express our passions and true self and food that nourishes us for the better.  Trust that if something ends around this eclipse, it is happening for a reason. Whatever it may be, it is not serving your evolution anymore for where you are at in your journey.  I encourage you to be honest with what drains you and what enriches you and let go whatever it is that is affecting you emotionally for the worse. Feel free to reach out for a reading….I would say a lot of people will be needing it at the moment.

Mars enters Sagittarius

We can say goodbye to the planets being in Scoprio after many months of deep probing and shedding.  Mars the planet of action and assertion enters the sign of Sagittarius on 3 January 2019.  Whenever Mars changes signs we feel motivated by a different energy.  In this case we will notice the urge to get out and exercise more, we may notice the urge to want to explore/travel.  We will feel the urge to break out of our routine and try something new or learn something new, and we will possibly start to debate topics and express ourselves a bit more than we have been of late.  Its a creative energy too so its a great time to channel your inner dreams and passions.   Its also a time to search for what we believe in and what is ‘our’ own truth.  Overall great for discovery!! What to watch for on the flip side is to not get lost in our minds spiraling with all these hopes and wishes that we lose sight of reality.  Look to your natal chart to see where this Mars energy will be giving you a fresh burst of motivation and giving you the feeling that anything is possible.  Feel free to reach out for a reading if you have a question or want your Natal chart done 🙂

Mercury enters Capricorn

We have Mercury the planet of communication moving into Capricorn on 29 December 2019.  This makes us want to plan for the future and set ourseleves ambitious goals.  The Capricorn party keeps growing – we have the Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and now Mercury….Not to mention a Solar eclipse that happened on 26 December 2019.  We are in a big Capricorn vortex.   Eclipses bring in obvious changing points on our path and create milestones.  With all this Capricorn energy ocurring, things can feel a bit serious and sober.  

We are being asked to really take a good look at our long term goals, ambitions and where in the world we feel we belong.  Its a time of discerning these decisions on our own without anyone else influencing us.  These themes have been amongst us for the last two years with Saturn’s move into Capricorn at the end of 2017. Mercury in this position for the next 3 weeks will bring our communication style to a much more methodical approach and see things a lot more black and white.  The need to compartmentalize and bring structure to how we deal with situations will be strong.  I suggest to use this energy by bringing structure and order into your life as well as planning a future that will pay off as an investment.

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice!  This is the time when we have the longest day in the sothern hemisphere and shortest day in the northern hemisphere.  It is an energetic portal for new beginnings and changing of chapters.   This is the time of year when the Sun shifts into Capricorn and our goals become highlighted…what are we going to set for the New Year? Where are we heading and what is our purpose? Its all the big questions that come up at this time of year. We usually have some time off work around this time which allows us to really have a good think of what needs to leave and what will stay as we head into the New Year.  What is your vision not only for the year ahead but for the next decade? Capricorn loves to look at the long term plan and put steps in place to achieve that ultimate vision. The Capricorn party keeps growing as we now have the Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricron.  It can feel sobering and like a lot of hard work is required.  But those who put in the hard yards will get a reality better than they had dreamed.  Reach out if you want a reading 🙂

Venus in Aquarius

Venus, the planet of love and values enters freedom-loving and intellectual Aquarius on NZT 20 December 2019.  You may notice your relationships change ‘vibe’ for the next month. You will likely become more chatty, looking for more adventures to be had, spending time with what feels like your ‘tribe’ and generally socialize a lot more and mix with different people.  As Aquarius is an air sign, people born with this energy love to discuss different ideas and innovate.  Therefore you may find yourself thinking more uniquely, seeing things from different views and you may also notice yourself become more receptive to environmental factors and the need to help the environment.  It is a great time to get out and meet new people from all walks of life as well as creating gatherings with friends.  I encourage you to also listen to new ideas that may be coming up out of the blue.  For a better understanding of how you will be affected look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius.

Full Moon in Gemini

On 12 December 2019 NZT time we have a full moon in Gemini. Gemini rules our logical lower mind as opposed to our higher mind ruled by Sagittarius.  Gemini energy also rules the twins (the dual yin and yang energy that resides within us), our immediate environment, versatility, communication, and restlessness.  Around this full moon, you may be feeling the need to communicate your thoughts a lot more than usual.  This may be either via social media or just needing to physically talk a lot (watch for snappy remarks).  Thoughts and ideas will be flooding in which may make you feel a bit scattered as you will notice yourself starting one project and moving onto another before finishing the first one!  This energy is best used to get errands done and standing up for yourself.  Typical Gemini energy makes us analyze our feelings, so bare in mind to stop yourself over-analyzing your feelings. When we have a Gemini full moon it is always a time to stop and watch how your inner dialogue and thoughts are programmed – if they are not good then it is time to upgrade to better mindful techniques.  On the same day, we have Chiron going direct.  Chiron in Aries is all about our wounds around our identity and who we think we are as opposed to who we really are.  Don’t be surprised if feelings of inadequacy and past wounds crop up around this time.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Gemini to get a better idea of how this full moon will be affecting you or book a reading with me to find out more.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury the planet of communication which rules our lower mind enters the sign of Sagittarius on 9 December 2019.  While Mercury is in this placement we can expect to have our minds EXPAND with greater visions and quests for life.  Life is boring without some kind of journey with this particular placement.  A journey can mean either through the mind (via meditation/yoga) or on a physical journey whether overseas or down to the zoo – anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to learn and grow.  Conversations are usually interesting with this placement as we explore our beliefs – on the flip side people can become domineering by preaching that their belief is “right”.  Learning a new subject or language is a great way to channel this energy.  Creating a vision board for future dreams is another great way to channel this energy.  It is great to dream, however, reflect on what is working well and be content with that – as Mercury here can make us feel that the grass is greener.  Your thoughts, on the whole, will become a lot more optimistic than what they have been in Scorpio for the last couple of months.  We really have been taken into the underworld this past couple of months and have shed so much.  Look to your Natal Chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to get a deeper understanding where your thoughts are being drawn to.  Feel free to book a reading with me if you wish to have your Natal chart done or want to understand your chart better.

Sun square Neptune

We are leading into what we call in astrology ‘Sun square Neptune’.  The best way to describe how you may be feeling over the next 5 days is as though you have dropped all concentration and care in the world.  Your imagination and creative side will be going wild, therefore trying to stay competative and on course will be very hard.  It will feel like you are tapping into another dimension.  Its a nice time to get dreamy and and follow the nice ease and flow of where your intuition is taking you.  Just be wary when signing things or dealing with things that need attention to detail as you may be tricked into believing something, or something important can easily be glossed over.  Life is full of wonder and mystery (always) but around this time in particular we feel it more strongly.  We are more touch with the beauty of life and its many magical offerings.  Your energy will likely feel depleted and lots of sleep may just be what your body needs under this transit.  Dreams are very vivid and having a spacey head is definately a side effect of this transit. You may notice how much you are drawn to music, alone time and yoga/meditation. Drink loads of water, get grounded by being out in nature and enjoy letting the ride of life take you on its mellow wave.