Venus & Mercury enter Libra

On 14 &15 September 2019 we have Venus the planet of love, relationships and values combined with Mercury the planet of communication enter the sign of Libra.  This is Venus’ natural home sign, therefore, we can all expect a touch of magic to sparkle up in our relationships.  In saying that if things have not been balanced in relationships we will see the scales tip.  Its a great time to socialise and talk with like minded souls.  It is also great to indulge in the five senses (e.g. massage, eating delicious foods).  Anything romantic will go down a treat with these placements as people are more open to receiving love and giving it.  The flip side to this energy can cause arguments, by trying too hard to get your point across.  Rise to the higher vibration of Libra and seek harmony in all situations.  Libra tends to be a bit wish-washy in what it wants, therefore indecision may become increased.  Libras generally need people to motivate them to do activities, otherwise, they will be quite happy to laze about – therefore you will notice you also need motivation by others for the next month.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where a bit of love magic will light up over the next month.  Do not hesitate to reach out for a reading if you would like more guidance.

Full Moon In Pisces

On 14 September 2019 4.33pm NZT we have a Full Moon in Pisces.
Pisces represents the conscious and unconscious, therefore you may find yourself acting in ways without thinking what you are doing.  If you know any Pisces born individuals you will know how much they love to daydream and drift off into their ideal world. This will happen to us over this full moon period so try your best to stay grounded in this world.  The veil between the spirit world and earth is very thin so watch for signs, synchronicities, and hunches as your intuition will be at a peak.   Also pay attention to your dreams as they may be extremely vivid and have a sign for you.  Pisces is the last zodiac sign, therefore, represents endings, completions and surrendering to the unknown.  Pisces energy creates a sense of mystery and makes us question the broader questions about life such as what is the meaning of life.  It is an extremely compassionate time where our boundaries come down and we have so much love for humanity and are more open to our spiritual side.  However be careful not to fall to the flip side of this energy bringing chaos, illusion, running from problems and acting deceptively.  It is a great time to spend with your elders, spending time by the water, and meditating.  Look to your house ruled by Pisces to see where you are being asked to surrender to the universe and let things happen organically.

New Moon in Virgo

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 30 August 2019.  The Virgo New Moon collectively is asking us to start a new chapter in our life when it comes to diet/health, exercise, routine, job and how we are being of service. The fact the New Moon makes aspects to Mars, Venus and Uranus creates a stimulating and exciting month ahead of fresh opportunities and new beginnings (many of these will be unexpected).  We will have the energy to tackle anything this month so make the most of getting lots done.   The best way to use Virgo energy is by using discernment.  Astrologers go on about this word but in all honesty, it is the best description.  Instead of allowing all emotions and thoughts overwhelm us we need to discern what is worth paying attention to and what is going to help us move forward.  After all what we pay attention to creates our reality.  This time of year really is the best time to detox the mind, body and soul.  Help yourself by setting up healthy daily rituals (even if that means 15 minutes meditating or buying a few more healthy snacks to get your body feeling better).  Your outer life is a reflection of everything that is going on inside so I suggest you start focusing on that.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to get a more in-depth understanding where this New Moon is affecting you personally.

Mercury enters Virgo

We have Mercury the planet that rules communication, ideas and our thinking process move into Virgo on 29 August 2019.  This is the time to get down to the nitty gritty details in your life.  It is great to get your thoughts focused on your daily routine, organising/event planning, cleaning, health and fitness. We will all notice ourselves become more critical and fussy so watch out for nit picking and criticizing others and yourself.  It is a great time to use the analytical side of Virgo to really get to the bottom of whatever things in your life need order, as you have the energy available to look in great detail of how to sort your life out.  If you become very worried/anxious around the next month (typical Virgo trait)  make sure you release any restless energy by doing a hobbie (yoga/meditation), get plenty of fresh air and make yourself have some downtime to center yourself.  Look to the house in your natal chart ruled by Virgo to find out where your thoughts will be shifting over the next month.

Venus and the Sun enter Virgo

  • On 21 August 2019 Venus the planet of love, values and relationships enters the sign of Virgo.  Venus is in her detriment in this sign.  You must watch yourself being too pedantic and controlling when it comes to relationships.  Venus in Virgo, unfortunately, likes to nitpick every little fault. The best way to channel Venus is by being of service and helping your loved ones.  Cook them a nice nutritious meal.
  • The Sun also moves into Virgo on 23 August 2019.  That makes the Sun, Venus and Mars all in Virgo.  The best way to use this energy is to focus on healthy eating, getting to all the details in your life such as cleaning and organizing things you have been delaying.  It is a great time to be practical and get on with the mundane daily tasks, organization, routine and order in your daily life.   This is a time when we are getting a good look at our reality.  How can we adjust this so we are more of service both to ourselves and our environment.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to see where a heavy dose of organization is being asked of you.


Mars enters Virgo

Mars is the planet that represents our assertion, desire and motivation (its the masculine energy in us).  It moves into Virgo on 18 August 2019 and stays for 6 weeks.  Mars in Virgo has a restlessness about it.  The anxious energy needs to be put to good use otherwise worry and irritability set in.  Mars in this placement likes to know it is being of service and helping.  The best way to channel this energy in the next 6 weeks is to focus on healthy eating, getting to all the details in your life such as cleaning and organizing things you have been delaying.  It is a great time to be practical and get on with the mundane daily tasks, organization, routine and order in your daily life.  I suggest a routine that involves exercise or yoga.  If we don’t use the energy in these constructive ways then our mental health pays for it.  Look to your natal chart to see where Mars is giving you a boost of energy.  Feel free to reach out for a reading 🙂



Aquarius Full Moon

On Friday 16 August 2019 we have a Full Moon in Aquarius.  Usually on an Aquarius Full Moon we experience some sort of change.  This could be due to you initiating change or change happening due to environmental factors, but certainly expect the unexpected around this time.  Aquarius energy brings with it those “aha moments”, strong gut feelings and very unpredictable energy.  It also brings with it the need to show the authentic you as an individual.  As Aquarius is an air sign, communication will be strong as well as the need to party and socialize.  The Full Moon in Aquarius is opposing the Sun in Leo.  These two rule the head and the heart.  You may find around this full moon and the theme for the next month is that your attention is being brought to issues that are helping your head and heart come into alignment.  You may feel like connecting with people more of like mind around this time, or at least realising who is not on the same wave legnth as you.  Watch out for synchronicities, these will give you a clue if you are on the right path. Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius to get a better understanding where this full moon is affecting you.

Venus enters Leo

If you weren’t feeling sassy enough already with Mars and the Sun in Leo then watch out.  Venus the planet of love, values and relationships enters the sign of proud, grand and dramatic Leo on Saturday 28 July 2019.  How fun and exciting!! This is where all the drama starts. This will bring about the love of being around children, laughing and acting like a kid (being in the moment and prone to tantrums).  You may find yourself spending money on extravagant things such as the best wine or the best clothes and not giving a care in the world.  The love of romance and flirtation will be turned up a notch as well as wanting A  LOT of attention.  Passion will run high as well as those expectations.  It pays to give your relationships a lot of love and compliments over the next month.  Turning up the spontaneous romantic notch will work a treat too.  Look to the house where Leo rules and you will get a better idea (or should I say ‘grander’ idea) as to where you will love spending your energy while Venus stays in here.

Sun moves into Leo

  • The Sun moves into Leo on  23 July 2019 NZT.  Everyone will feel this shift as we have had
    many watery emotions over the past month, which have exposed our insecurities.  With the Sun moving into Leo for the next month, we will start to feel more confident, expressive and feel a lot more playful.  Leo is represented by the proud lion because he is full of pride regardless of what everyone thinks of him. You will start to feel more decisive in your actions and want to express yourself with this fire energy coming in.  It is a highly creative time.
  • The Sun is squaring Uranus in Taurus over the next week which means the energy may start off with us all feeling a tad restless or a bit frustrated.  The next week you need to learn to be flexible in your opinions and for situations to change.  Learn to be patient if electronics are playing up.  It is a great time for a radical new way of expressing yourself.  Areas in life that have stagnated may receive a boost of change.
  • By the end of the week we have Venus moving out of Cancer and into Leo too.  The past/nostalgia and very watery emotions are not far off from leaving us.  Once Mercury moves direct and out of Cancer the fire party will ramp right up.  

Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse

“Life is the most difficult exam.  Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper”.  We have a full moon in Capricorn happening on 17 July 2019 at 9.38am NZT which is also a lunar eclipse.   A lunar eclipse is when the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon in direct alignment.  The lunar eclipse will always accompany a solar eclipse in the same lunar cycle but a solar eclipse can occur on its own without a lunar eclipse.  Therefore the lunar eclipse is always either 14 days after or before the solar eclipse.The full moon in Capricorn is collectively making us look at our goals in life, what has been fulfilled, what still needs to be achieved and possibly the lack of goals/structure in your life.  This full moon highlights that nothing in life is easy without setting goals to help you receive the rewards you are seeking.  It is a time that structures or foundations in your life that are not solid will break down but also structures that are solid are here to stay.  It is a time to look at where we are heading in the next phase of our journey and possibly moving city or country is the result of what needs to change in order to achieve this.  Where is home for you?  This full moon will have you reflecting on what career path it is you are really wanting to invest your energy into and what goals you are setting for yourself to help you achieve where it is you are wanting your career and life to go. After all, Capricorn is represented by the goat trying to reach the top of the mountain, how are you going to reach the top of your mountain? You will find yourself feeling very serious, looking at things from a very calculated point of view and seeing things as black and white. This full moon is giving you no room to sit back and see where you will end up by chance.  It is making you get down to serious business and take responsibility for your destiny.  This full moon is also highlighting where our boundaries with people need to be more clear. The full Moon is also conjunct Pluto, therefore themes to do with endings/beginnings and transformation are highlighted.  There is an emphasis on owning our soul path.  Look to your Natal chart with the house ruled by Capricorn to see where epiphanies will arise for you over this full moon.