Full Moon in Gemini

On 12 December 2019 NZT time we have a full moon in Gemini. Gemini rules our logical lower mind as opposed to our higher mind ruled by Sagittarius.  Gemini energy also rules the twins (the dual yin and yang energy that resides within us), our immediate environment, versatility, communication, and restlessness.  Around this full moon, you may be feeling the need to communicate your thoughts a lot more than usual.  This may be either via social media or just needing to physically talk a lot (watch for snappy remarks).  Thoughts and ideas will be flooding in which may make you feel a bit scattered as you will notice yourself starting one project and moving onto another before finishing the first one!  This energy is best used to get errands done and standing up for yourself.  Typical Gemini energy makes us analyze our feelings, so bare in mind to stop yourself over-analyzing your feelings. When we have a Gemini full moon it is always a time to stop and watch how your inner dialogue and thoughts are programmed – if they are not good then it is time to upgrade to better mindful techniques.  On the same day, we have Chiron going direct.  Chiron in Aries is all about our wounds around our identity and who we think we are as opposed to who we really are.  Don’t be surprised if feelings of inadequacy and past wounds crop up around this time.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Gemini to get a better idea of how this full moon will be affecting you or book a reading with me to find out more.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury the planet of communication which rules our lower mind enters the sign of Sagittarius on 9 December 2019.  While Mercury is in this placement we can expect to have our minds EXPAND with greater visions and quests for life.  Life is boring without some kind of journey with this particular placement.  A journey can mean either through the mind (via meditation/yoga) or on a physical journey whether overseas or down to the zoo – anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to learn and grow.  Conversations are usually interesting with this placement as we explore our beliefs – on the flip side people can become domineering by preaching that their belief is “right”.  Learning a new subject or language is a great way to channel this energy.  Creating a vision board for future dreams is another great way to channel this energy.  It is great to dream, however, reflect on what is working well and be content with that – as Mercury here can make us feel that the grass is greener.  Your thoughts, on the whole, will become a lot more optimistic than what they have been in Scorpio for the last couple of months.  We really have been taken into the underworld this past couple of months and have shed so much.  Look to your Natal Chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to get a deeper understanding where your thoughts are being drawn to.  Feel free to book a reading with me if you wish to have your Natal chart done or want to understand your chart better.

Sun square Neptune

We are leading into what we call in astrology ‘Sun square Neptune’.  The best way to describe how you may be feeling over the next 5 days is as though you have dropped all concentration and care in the world.  Your imagination and creative side will be going wild, therefore trying to stay competative and on course will be very hard.  It will feel like you are tapping into another dimension.  Its a nice time to get dreamy and and follow the nice ease and flow of where your intuition is taking you.  Just be wary when signing things or dealing with things that need attention to detail as you may be tricked into believing something, or something important can easily be glossed over.  Life is full of wonder and mystery (always) but around this time in particular we feel it more strongly.  We are more touch with the beauty of life and its many magical offerings.  Your energy will likely feel depleted and lots of sleep may just be what your body needs under this transit.  Dreams are very vivid and having a spacey head is definately a side effect of this transit. You may notice how much you are drawn to music, alone time and yoga/meditation. Drink loads of water, get grounded by being out in nature and enjoy letting the ride of life take you on its mellow wave.

Jupiter enters Capricorn

Jupiter the planet of knowledge, expansion and higher learning enters Capricorn on 3 December 2019.  Jupiter usually takes roughly 1 year in each sign, therefore 12 years ago we all had Jupiter transiting Capricorn in our charts.  Can you remember that far back in your life what happened back then?  Over this last year we have experienced Jupiter in Sagittarius, which has pushed us to expand our perceptions and believe in our dreams.  Many would have had their faith tested to the extreme, which inevitably has helped people to believe in something greater than ourselves.  With Jupiter now shifting into an earthy sign, it conflicts with what Jupiter is all about.  Jupiter is naturally an extroverted energy whereas Capricorn is introvert.  Jupiter here will expand those qualities of Capricorn including being highly ambitious, determined and willing to take on lots of responsibility.  You will notice you have a great amount of energy to concentrate and work hard.  You will almost enjoy the grind and thrive on achieving gradual progress.   Where Jupiter naturally loves to be free, this year will make you want to be more calculated and not take risks.  You may tend to have a more pessimistic outlook and may always think you are right.  On the other hand this placement amplifies everyones witty sense of humor and thoughtfulness. Feel free to book a reading in to see how this transit will effect you personally.

New Moon In Sagittarius

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from”.  This is a very fitting quote for the Sagi season.  This week we have a New Moon brewing in Sagittarius on 27 November 2019 NZT.  A New Moon is always a great time to set yourself new intentions and goals for the next month or the next 6 months.  This particular New Moon is a great to set yourself goals for studying, traveling or dreaming up new visions for your future.  It is exceptionally great for reestablishing new beliefs and perceptions. It is a good time to learn from other cultures and other points of view.  For a better understanding of where you are being given fresh energy, look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Sagittarius.

We also have Neptune moving direct on 28 November 2019, so all week we will be feeling these effects too.  Neptune rules our dreams, universal consciousness, spirituality, compassion, illusions, self-sabotage and empathy.  You may feel more connected to your higher purpose and the people around you.  Or you could feel very disconnected from it all.  The best way to help tap into the higher vibrations is to spend some time alone by the water or do something that gives you a feeling of meaning.  The magic will follow once you surrender and follow your feeling rather than logic.

Venus enters Capricorn

On 26 November 2019 NZT Venus the planet of love, relationships, self-worth and money enter Capricorn. Over the next month, you can expect that your relationships, values and how you earn your money will go under a serious review. This is because we have both Saturn and Pluto going to sit with Venus, and these two planets mean SERIOUS business. It is a different kind of serious in comparison to all this Scorpio energy.  Its a more grounded and practical vibe that we are tuning into.  Collectively we will be asked to look deeply at what boundaries and structure we have when it comes to how we are treated in love relationships. Do you have a good financial saving plan for your future? Relationships of a past life nature can come about as Venus will be passing the South Node and Pluto. Maybe there are some patterns we need to release when it comes to Venus matters. We will all go through some sort of deep transformation with this Venus-Pluto/Saturn and South Node conjunction. Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Capricorn to get a better idea where this will play out for you.

Sun enters Sagittarius

We have the Sun moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on 23 November 2018 NZT. I bet you can all feel a spring in your step and the transition of feeling more jolly and ready to start thinking about Christmas. The next month is a great time to gallop towards your visions, dreams and take the time to contemplate different philosophies (it really is a great time to debate… but don’t fixate on your own beliefs, but rather question other beliefs).  It is also a great time to adventure off to another country or somewhere different that expands your views.  Surrounding yourself around people of different backgrounds and cultures are highly favoured around this time of the year.  It is time to think BIG and discover what it is you are aiming for in work/family/hobbies/relationships.  Watch for getting carried away with ideals and indulging too much in rich foods.  I suggest you use this energy to create a vision board for yourself and try a new hobby or task that you have been putting off.  We start the Sagi season off with Jupiter sitting with Venus.  This is a rare transit so make the most of this positive influence over the next couple of days! Wishes are granted with this type of transit 🙂 Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to see where you are needing to expand your beliefs and ideas for the coming month or reach out for a reading and learn more about yourself.

Mars enters Scorpio

Mars the planet of desire and determination enters Scorpio as of 19 November 2019.
This placement is here for the next 6 weeks and needs to be used to its advantage otherwise it will manifest in destructive and self-sabotage type behavior.  In order to use its optimal energy, I encourage you to use this time to help you figure out ‘what makes you tick’.  What truly motivates you in your job/relationships.  This is a time where Mars will amplify the Scorpio lessons that Mercury, Venus, and Sun have put us through over the last 6 weeks to do with passion, drive to succeed, physical energy, initiative, aggression, intimacy, fears, investing, psychological patterns and endings.  It is a great time to give you confidence in making the next step in whatever desires you have been holding back on.  The only downside to this is it could make you overconfident so make sure you don’t make rash decisions, make sure they are thought through thoroughly.  It is a time where our unconscious fears/paranoia will come up to be dealt with and put to rest. It is a time where we can really work with our psych and listen to our hidden motivations.  Whenever a planet is in Scorpio we are always dealt with themes of transformation, trust and working closer to our truth.  Take the time to work with this energy wisely otherwise you may be snapping, manipulating and getting aggressive.  Look to your Natal Chart to the house ruled by Scorpio to get a more in-depth understanding of how this is affecting you.  If you need your chart done or have questions feel free to get a reading set up with me via my website.

Full Moon in Taurus

We have a full moon in Taurus happening on 13 November 2019. 
Seeing as this full moon is in an earth sign, your emotions may not be as sensitive as other full moons, however, your emotions will more likely manifest through a physical illness so pay attention to your body.  A Full Moon in Taurus is very grounding.  Earthly possessions and material items are appreciated as well as the simple things.  You will more than likely be assessing your finances and relationships.  Your values and beliefs towards these things are being reviewed and possibly tested in order to help you establish what in fact your values and beliefs are.  Maybe you have outgrown them and need to take a wider perspective on them or maybe you need to stand your ground more in voicing your values to others.  The energy around this time is great to indulge in your senses with lovely food, material items (shopping) and gardening.  It is also a time to break yourself out of ruts (whether that is a habit, belief, attitude or relationship).  Taurans need security emotionally and materially so you may find yourself striving for this around the full moon, otherwise feeling not so secure if these needs are not met.  The Full Moon makes a ‘trine’ to both Saturn and Pluto.  This indicates hard work will pay off and the manifestation of things will fall into place a lot easier.  Dreams can really come true under this Full Moon so put your wishes out there 🙂 Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Taurus to get a better understanding where the energy is playing out for you.

Survival tips for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

On 1 November 2019 we have Mercury the planet of communication going retrograde.  Here are a few words of wisdom to help keep you on track for the next 3 weeks:

  • Embrace feelings to want to retreat and be alone.  This can help you stay in your own energy centre and know what feelings are yours.
  • Let this show you what things are not working for you, whether that be projects, jobs or relationships.  Under this influence there will be no doubts on your true feelings so take advantage of being clear and cut throat.
  • You may be visiting past thought patterns so do not freak out if old skeletons come out to haunt you.  This is merely showing you how far you have come, and there may be a new layer of awareness coming to show revelations on this situation.
  • Do not go back to past situations that did not work out (eg.g exes), hold your boundaries strong.  Mercury retrograde can feel like a time warp that tricks you into wanting to go backwards.
  • Any situation in your life that needs to get to the root cause, this energy is here to assist in making you the BEST detective.
  • Commitment issues and suppressed feelings will no doubt be exposed so learn to embrace them rather than ignore.  In fact, make a point of talking to someone you trust about your fears.  Verbalising them can help you see sometimes how small the fear really is.
  • If you feel like you are overthinking things, do something physical like cooking, exercising, yoga.  Something to get you out of your head.