Venus enters Libra

On 28 October 2020 we have Venus the planet of love, relationships and values enter the sign of Libra.  This is Venus’ natural home sign therefore we can all expect a touch of magic to sparkle up in our relationships.  In saying that if things have not been balanced in relationships we will see the scales tip.  Its a great time to socialise and talk with like minded souls.  It is also great to indulge in the five senses (e.g. massage, eating delicious foods, shopping, buying flowers).  Anything romantic will go down a treat with this placement as people are more open to receiving love and giving it.  The flip side to this energy can cause arguments, by trying too hard to get your point across.  Rise to the higher vibration of Libra and seek harmony is all situations.  Libra tends to be a bit wish washy in what it wants, therefore indecision may become increased.  Libras generally need people to motivate them to do activities, otherwise they will be quite happy to laze about – therefore you will notice you also need motivation by others for the next month.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where a bit of love magic will light up over the next month.  Do not hesitate to reach out for a reading if you would like more guidance.

Sun enters Scorpio

Time to get out your cauldrons, as we have the Sun entering Scorpio on 23 October 2019 NZT.   Scorpio rules intimacy, our deepest desires, fears, past lives, death, shared money, investments, magic/witchcraft, and “taboo” topics.  The Sun will be bringing with it another layer of Scorpio energy when it comes to these subjects, allowing a purging/transformative effect to take place over the next month (we already have the planet Mercury in Scorpio). There really is no hiding from these themes and subjects.  Shed, shed and shed that which no longer serves you.  The inner witch in you will be making her presence felt.  When we have so many planets in Scorpio, you can feel your unconscious mind being tapped into as well as your sixth sense.  It is always a time to look into what baggage we can shed and transform as well as what resentments still linger.  We always go through big growth spurts emotionally and spiritually when we are in ‘Scorpio season’.  You may notice you are more determined and serious, with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Scorpio energy always gets us to find our truth and speak our truth, after all, Scorpions only sees things as black and white.  The flip side to this energy can bring about a strong need for control, hidden motivations, possessiveness, obsessiveness, secretiveness and manipulation.  Use the Scorpio energy by listening to your psyche, as this will be at a peak. This month you could have some type of culmination or revelation in your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise. I suggest you make time for your ‘magic’ rituals daily, whether that is pulling some tarot cards or fuming your home with incense.  If you want to know more about how you are personally being affected, remember to reach out for a reading.

New Moon in Libra

We have a New Moon in Libra occurring on 17 October 2018 NZT.  Libra represents our relationships, the balance we have in our relationships and environment, and the compromising we do in order to maintain balance.  Libra also represents our values, our fashion sense and our love of luxury.  This particular New Moon is making a ‘square’ to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. It is also opposing Mars, and ‘trining’ the north node. The Moon is getting a bit of a bashing as it is being ‘told off’ or being put in a pressure cooker to learn lots of lessons at once. You may feel less inclined to be compromising and more direct and truthful when it comes to relating to people around this time and for the next month.  Your mind is showing you how you really feel on a deeper level when it comes to values and self-worth.  The past is already coming into play with Mercury retrograde.  You may be noticing your past popping up when it comes to matters of the heart.   In essence, there is no escaping the truth in how we feel when it comes to relationships and what they mean to us.  Our ‘darker’ side is being shown when it comes to love and relationships.  We may not realise where we do not show love enough or where we sabotage situations.  Issues of boundaries, trust and intimacy are being highlighted under this New Moon and there will be links to the past that teach you about these lessons.  Some things may feel like they are being restricted from us around this time and over the next month, however any restriction that occurs over the next month is Saturn wanting you to learn something related to it.  Mars will be making us quick to react and quick to temper, so put your impatient energy into exercise.  Whenever the north node is involved, an element of a fate is usually involved.  Keep an eye out for people, conversations or events that happen this weekend and month. Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Libra in order to see where this new moon in playing out for you.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

On 14 October 2020 we have Mercury the planet of communication going retrograde.  Here are a few
words of wisdom to help keep you on track for the next 3 weeks:

  • Embrace feelings to want to retreat and be alone.  This can help you stay in your own energy centre and know what feelings are yours.
  • Let this show you what things are not working for you, whether that be projects, jobs or relationships.  Under this influence there will be no doubts on your true feelings so take advantage of being clear and cut throat.
  • You may be visiting past thought patterns so do not freak out if old skeletons come out to haunt you.  This is merely showing you how far you have come, and there may be a new layer of awareness coming to show revelations on this situation.
  • Do not go back to past situations that did not work out (eg.g exes), hold your boundaries strong.  Mercury retrograde can feel like a time warp that tricks you into wanting to go backwards.
  • Any situation in your life that needs to get to the root cause, this energy is here to assist in making you the BEST detective.
  • Commitment issues and suppressed feelings will no doubt be exposed so learn to embrace them rather than ignore.  In fact, make a point of talking to someone you trust about your fears.  Verbalising them can help you see sometimes how small the fear really is.
  • If you feel like you are overthinking things, do something physical like cooking, exercising, yoga.  Something to get you out of your head.

Venus in Virgo

Venus the planet of love, values and relationships has entered Virgo for the next 3 weeks.  Venus is in her detriment in this sign.  You must watch yourself being too pedantic and controlling when it comes to relationships.  Venus in Virgo unfortunately likes to nit pick every little fault.  The best way to use this energy is to focus on healthy eating, getting to all the details in your life such as cleaning and organising things you have been delaying.  It is a great time to be practical and get on with the mundane daily tasks, organisation, routine and order in your daily life.  Venus will make some harmonious angles to Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter with her travels through Virgo.  Maybe you will manifest some goodies 🙂 If your anxiety gets high, remember to get out in nature. Look to the house ruled by Virgo to see where your values and money is likely to be spent.

Aries Full Moon

We have a Full Moon in Aries on 3 October 2020 NZT .   Collectively we are being asked to look at our individual beliefs versus how we relate to our partners.  Are we overly selfish and not looking to bring balance to our relationships, or are we giving too much of our identity away to our partner? Are we still living with the same beliefs we had years ago?  Does our identity reflect our soul and who we have grown into at this very moment?  Typical emotions you may feel over this Moon phase are impatient, irritable, impulsive and selfish.  The more positive emotions are feeling inspired, courageous, independent, active and productive.  Try not to act too impulsively around this time and wait for the energy to settle before initiating change.  It is also a time to be careful of accidents as people are feeling impatient.   I encourage you to use this energy to get physical or put your passionate energy into your hobbies.   The Full Moon will be making an aspect with Chiron.  This means we will all be sitting with some healing and past pain.  Maybe our ego had a story that thought was going to play out, and has not therefore we need to sit with the reality of the situation and not what we have tried to control. Try book in some down time over the next 48 hours to give your nervous system a break.  Rome was not built in a day 🙂  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aries  to see where this Full Moon energy is affecting you.

Spring Equinox

This time every year we celebrate the seasons changing from Winter into Spring down here in the the Southern hemisphere.  The equinox represents the Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun resulting in equal day and equal night.  It is a time of change, endings and beginnings.  We move into Libra energy which is the air element and cardinal by nature.  It is a time of initiating ideas for the next quarter of the year.  With the Sun staying in Libra for the next month, we are being asked to also focus our attention on relationships by figuring out how to balance the scales with all relationships in our life.  Our lives need to be balanced in all areas of our life such as emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  You will see what is out of balance this month and where you need to weigh the scales better.  When you slow down and really observe the patterns you create in relationships you will notice whether you are a people pleaser or someone who expects people to cater to your needs.  It takes a lot of conscious effort to balance the scales to allow ease and flow in relationship patterns.  It is not a bad thing if friends/relationships slip away due to better boundaries with yourself and with others.  The right relationships/friendships will stay that deserve a space in your life and are in more harmonious flow to your rhythm.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to get a better idea of where the Sun will be illuminating a call for balance this month.

New Moon in Virgo

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 17 September 2020.  The Virgo New Moon collectively is asking us to start a new chapter in our life when it comes to diet/health, exercise, our daily routine, cleaning, work and how we are being of service -getting all the details of our life sorted and putting a realistic plan into action where we can incorporate the mundane but necessary aspects of our life into our everyday life. The fact the New Moon makes an aspect to Saturn creates a month where our goals will be able to be sustained and manifest if we put the work in.  We will have the energy and endurance to make our goals happen.   The best way to use Virgo energy is by using discernment.  Astrologers go on about this word but in all honesty, it is the best description.  Instead of allowing all emotions and thoughts overwhelm us we need to discern what is worth paying attention to and what is going to help us move forward.  After all what we pay attention to creates our reality.  This time of year really is the best time to detox the mind, body and soul.  Help yourself by setting up healthy daily rituals (even if that means 15 minutes meditating or buying a few more healthy snacks to get your body feeling better).  Your outer life is a reflection of everything that is going on inside so I suggest you start focusing on that. SPRING CLEANING ANYONE 🙂 Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to get a more in-depth understanding where this New Moon is affecting you personally.

Mars retrograde

As I have been warning you, we have Mars in the sign of Aries for a whole 6 months which is a very long time.  We are about to see Mars goes retrograde for the next 2 months, which means we will all feel a slow down in energy output.  That motivation to get to the gym may just lose its momentum, or some projects that were moving forward may just slow down and take a different path.  This is not a bad thing, the planets always do this to help us retrace our steps or catch up on that depleted energy that has been simmering away.  If you have been not been careful over these last couple of months, Mars in Aries will have been hammering your adrenal glands.  Maybe take these two months to recuperate and top up on your b vitamins, magnesium and adaptogenic herbs.  Take it easy on the alcohol and coffee and try drink more green tea chamomile/liquorice tea to support you and get back top of your mars/physical energy. As the planet’s energy turns inwards, we may feel more emotional irritation, headaches or more inflammation in our bodies. If you need more guidance on how your chart is being affected, feel free to reach out.

Venus and the love language

The language of love through Venus.  I want to express a bit about Venus and her relationship wisdom. When it comes to relationships of all kinds, we all want that person to “get us” or understand how to relate to our needs.  This is what absolutely fascinates me with astrology, and in my learnings I do understand what makes an easier flowing relationship, and what makes a relationship experience more challenges and more conflict. It is very common to see lots of challenging aspects between couples charts, and that does not mean they are not a ‘compatible couple’, it does however show us where there needs to be more commitment in learning about what the other “needs” and more “work” to do in order for harmony.  Relationships are a two way street and so often people only focus on their own needs, and so often that is why relationships fall apart and lose connection.

The other scenario that can happen a lot of the time is people do not know themselves, therefore feel so dissatisfied in relationships/friendships and can’t figure out why. This is because they do not understand what they need to feel fulfilled in relationships.  I am sure you can relate to some of these scenarios I have given, after all, these are part of the lessons we are all here to learn.  We are all at certain stages in our evolutionary process, therefore our relationships will be a mirror to our evolutionary stage.

Where astrology can be so beneficial, and Venus can help assist us, is understanding our own unique love language/expression. So often, you hear people unhappy in their relationships or friendships, and yet have not figured out that we all have our own ways of expressing love. If ‘person A’ is expressing their unique love and it does not fulfil ‘person B’ then there is no way of changing them, as that is who they are and how they are ‘wired’.  I hope I have explained that properly – when people are in their ‘full conscious potential’ and are showing love in the way that they are wired (wired from your birth chart, not to be confused with conditioned patterns), it is near impossible to change that aspect of who they are.  If everyone could slow down and learn to appreciate and understand different peoples love language, a lot more people would feel understood and either continue down a path of a happier and equal relationship patterns or they would figure out sooner that the relationships are not in alignment with them.

If you want to learn more about your love language and how to nurture this side of you and/or your relationships, you know where to find me 🙂