Mars enters Taurus

Mars the planet of action, assertion and determination moves into Taurus on Thursday 14 February 2019 NZT.  Your get up and go drive will be moving from a very energetic pace to a now ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of pace.  The motivation to be out in nature and smelling the roses, eating delicious foods and being motivated to look your best are all themes that will be relevant while Mars remains in here for the next 6 weeks.  Mars in Taurus is motivated by security in relationships financially and emotionally.  It really is a time to slow the pace of life and enjoy the moment.  This energy helps to sort relationship issues, values and finances.  The flip side to this energy is to watch for becoming very stubborn in getting your own way or being motivated by superficial things rather than getting amongst the more natural earthy side of life.  Look to your Natal chart and see where Taurus rules to get a more specific idea of how this transit will affect you.

Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury the planet of communication enters Pisces on Sunday 10 February 2019.  Be prepared for a whole lot of confusion, miscommunication, chaos, memory loss, wondering mind and feeling a bit ungrounded.   On the flip side, this is a great time to have conversations with your elders and talk about spirituality or even spending more time not talking and just sitting with your soul meditating.  Your intuition will be your best guide during the next 2 months and your imagination will be at a peak – so I encourage you to write down your ideas of your ideal future and take note of your dreams as they will be extremely vivid.  As you and others will be highly sensitive during this time, really watch how you communicate.  You will find listening to music, writing poems or doing art very therapeutic during these times.  It is not the best time to make any hard decisions as Pisces energy can be very deceiving and you may not be seeing things as they truly are.  It is, however, a great time to talk things through with loved ones that need resolving as this is the time when we feel the most compassion for others and our boundaries come down – do watch for people abusing your boundaries though!!  When we have Pisces energy occurring it is the universal time to step back and allow things to work out how the Universe has orchestrated things – in other words, try not to control everything.  Look to your Natal chart to see where you will be finding your thoughts drawn to for the next 2 months.

Aquarius New Moon

We have a New Moon in Aquarius occurring on Tuesday 5 February at 10.04am NZT.  Take advantage of this energy by tapping into new solutions to old problems, as this influx of energy will allow you to think outside the box.  Mercury is conjunct the moon which shows us we will want to share our feelings and ideas more, therefore you will be able to get a few things off your chest more easily. It is a great time to socialize, discuss ideas, spend time with like-minded people and discuss metaphysical things such as astrology!! People around this time generally feel open-minded to different ideas and unusual subjects.  I suggest you embrace this New Moon energy by not making too many plans and allow for the unpredictable, as this is where the magic lies.  We are being asked to live in the moment and let life take its unpredictable course.  By letting this happen more synchronistic situations and people will make their way into your life.  If new opportunities come out of the blue I suggest you act on them fast.  With Mars coming up to conjunct Uranus, be careful of making rash changes for the sake of it, as we may feel like rebelling and shaking things up which are already perfectly fine. We are all continuing to move to the next step in our evolutionary path.  Check your Natal chart and the house ruled by Aquarius to see where fresh new energy is being ignited.

Venus enters Capricorn

On 4 February 2019 NZT Venus the planet of love, relationships, self-worth and money enters Capricorn. Over the next 2 months, you can expect that your relationships, values and how you earn your money will go under a serious review. This is because we have both Saturn and Pluto going to sit with Venus, and these two planets mean SERIOUS business. Collectively we will be asked to look deeply at what boundaries and structure we have when it comes to how we are treated in love relationships. Do you have a good financial saving plan for your future? Relationships of a past life nature can come about as Venus will be passing the South Node and Pluto. Maybe there are some patterns we need to release when it comes to Venus matters. We will all go through some sort of deep transformation with this Venus-Pluto and South Node conjunction. Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Capricorn to get a better idea where this will play out for you.

Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury the planet of communication, ideas and how we think moves into Aquarius on 24 January 2019.  You will notice your thoughts speed up, ideas coming in hot and the ability to see things from a very different perspective – almost like your looking down on yourself and can see your life from an angle that allows you to see all your possible options.  It may be harder to concentrate as you find yourself wanting to rebel and do something different.  It’s a great time to listen to those ‘aha’ moments that will be coming to you (I suggest writing them down).  As Aquarius is an air sign, you will feel more detached than usual and more in your intellect (if you feel ungrounded get out into nature).  Stimulating conversations and topics about the future, technology, innovation, science, environment and the metaphysical are bound to crop up more than usual over the next few weeks.  You will feel attracted to like-minded people even more around this time and no doubt will be wanting to be around groups of friends more (good time to socialise). It’s a great time to be part of something with a great cause in your community (i.e. Rosa Parks being the Aquarian model). Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius to get a deeper understanding of how this placement will affect your mind over the next few weeks.

Sun enters Aquarius

We have so much going on this week. Mercury is coming to sit next to Pluto in the next couple of days – deep thoughts surrounding our purpose and passion and how we really feel about things in our life.  The Sun moves into Aquarius on Sunday 20 January 2019 at NZT 9.59pm.  When it comes to Aquarian energy its an energy that requires us to find our uniqueness in the world and integrate it into the collective.  For the next month the best way to utilise this energy is by socialising among like-minded groups, changing up your routine and allowing for the unpredictable to crop up.  It is also a time to plan your future goals/dreams and come up with some solutions for future problems, as we are more likely to be able to think outside the box.  As Aquarius is an air sign, discussing ideas is beneficial and communication will be heightened.  This energy is great to find what makes you individual and unique from others and to focus on these qualities.  You may receive those “aha” moments and receive epiphanies with this placing.  Other occurrences that are likely to happen around this time is that you may notice yourself become a bit more distant and scattering from one thing to the next.  If you find this happening I encourage you to ground yourself by getting out in nature so you can focus better on each task at hand.  To get a more specific idea of how this energy is affecting you, check out your Natal chart to the house that is ruled by Aquarius or book a reading to learn more 🙂

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo

With such a big response of people feeling this full moon eclipse build up I thought I should post about the effects it is having on us now. We have a Full Moon total eclipse in Leo occuring on Monday 21 January 2019 NZT. This lunar eclipse is highlighting our heart centre.  If there is one full moon that shows you what your heart loves the most and feels drawn to – this is it!  The opposite of Leo is Aquarius, so this full moon is about pulling our head and heart to work together.  Emotions will be extremely high and we are more likely to overreact. Self-love and self worth will be highlighted under this full moon (you will notice if you are lacking in it or feeling full of confidence). Any issues you have in regards to matters of the heart will be brought up with this eclipse energy to be released – so I suggest to release any pent up energy whether through physical activity, creativity or crying. You will feel much lighter for it, which will then allow more love to flood in.  Sun salutes for you yogis out there will be great under this full moon as our heart centre is what is being focused on. This full moon is great for doing any hobbies you are passionate about and helping you navigate what those are.  Collectively it is a great time to fill up on self-love so we can help those around us who need more attention and love.  Being around children will be super fun as they have that Leo joyful and playful energy naturally.  In saying that little ones may be more demanding and throw tantrums for those parents out there around this time!  We attach more to our ego in Leo times so be careful not to attach too much to outcomes or what people say – in saying that people love compliments in these Leo times so dish them out. This Full Moon is making an opposition to Mercury and squaring Uranus. There is a very ‘unpredictable’ element to this Full Moon. I suggest to let the energy pass and not rush into anything that you will later regret. Make important decisions when you are feeling less erratic and anxious. It can also bring in new ideas and release stagnant situations. Check out your natal chart to the house ruled by Leo to get a better idea of how you are being affected.

All Planets direct

We have all the planets direct which has not been the case in a long time. Take full advantage of the next couple of months to initiate that new project, idea, relationship or a new job. We have a lot of support and forward momentum happening. We are in the lead up to a lunar eclipse in Leo next week, which I will write more on later in the week what this means for us. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that you could be feeling the energy lead up to this lunar eclipse quite intensely already. Emotions tend to be more of a roller coaster ride as well as events and relationships ending and beginning. Dreams may be more vivid and feelings of disorientation are quite normal in eclipse season. You may find yourself feeling ungrounded, sleep interruptions or high pitched noises. Think of it as a detox that your body is going through….like a shedding process for better things to enter. Make sure you drink plenty of water and spend time in nature to ground yourself. If you are interested in learning more about how you are being affected personally, feel free to reach out for a reading.

Astro weather report

A quick astrology weather update for your Sunday arvo read… We have Mercury sitting next to grumpy old Saturn today. Our thoughts are very serious, doubtful and are looking very deeply into the future. Sometimes this can show in the form of an external authority figure giving you the wake-up call you need to get your plans in order. This is a fast-moving transit, so do not fret if you are feeling like you don’t have your life figured out – but use the energy to set a plan or get moving on a plan. Commitment is the key lesson here. We also have Jupiter squaring Neptune which brings about an otherworldly feel. Reality and illusions are a bit confusing at the moment. Your beliefs may be all over the show. Again this will pass over the coming days. Lastly Venus and Mars are coming into a trine over the next few days which is nice. The feminine and masculine parts of ourselves are in harmony, therefore we should see this in our outer relationships. Great time to express your passion and love 🙂

Sun Conjunct Pluto

We have the Sun coming up to conjunct (join) Pluto over the next couple of days. The reason why I felt the need to write about this transit is it can be quite hard for some people to handle. The Sun which represents our ego spirit will be put to the test over these coming days to take a good hard look at what you truly desire, and what feels like your ‘soul purpose’ in this lifetime. Some people can feel incredibly deep feelings and not know how to channel them. This is where power struggles can come about, or those shadow parts of ourselves come for a visit. My advice is to take advantage of using this powerful energy and get creative, take time out for yourself and release the pent up energy either through physical exercise or writing. Look to the house ruled by Capricorn for those who have their chart, as this is the area you are being asked to evaluate on a deeper level. This transit is a time where profound changes can come about (either consciously or unconsciously). Remember we are in ‘eclipse season’ for another couple of weeks, so we are already feeling lots of changes and upgrades occurring in our lives. Feel free to book in for a reading to learn more.