I have not looked far into the future with astrology, but what I do know is this could be one of the most powerful astrology transits I have been alive for.  Over the next week, we see Saturn and Pluto make a conjunction which only occurs approximately every 30 years. The last time they conjuncted in Capricorn was approximately 500 years ago…what a time to be alive for! What we can take from this, is a lot.  The last time this exact conjunction happened was around the time of the renaissance.  For those of you who know about this, you will understand the game-changing era that was.  What we can expect to happen on a global level with this conjunction, is a fresh era to emerge when it comes to politics and how the economy works.  On a more personal level, it may feel like you have lost all hope in one particular area of your life, when in fact everything is being sucked out of you that no longer serves you and is allowing fresh energy to come in for the next dimension that we are entering.  It will be a slow and steady process wherever Capricorn rules your chart (or if you have any planets that are at 22 degrees) and it will feel different than what you have ever experienced in your lifetime.

To top of this outstanding news, we have Uranus turning direct on 11 January 2020 along with a Lunar eclipse in Cancer.  There’s no way that you cannot be noticing something different happening in your life.  New beginnings come with endings so hang in there if you are having a hard time.  Uranus is the planet that awakens us and brings shock and surprises into our life.  It can be sometimes good and sometimes a lot to take on board.  Ultimately it is always for your growth.  On a global level this can bring about a sudden crisess to do with the planet (e.g. Australian fires) or earthquakes.  On a more personal level we may benefit from a new way of earning money, a new relationship or job, or sudden insights into how we can help mother earth be a better place.  I hope it is inspiring for you, whatever energy Uranus brings you.  Look to your house ruled by Taurus to see what themes you will most likely experience with Uranus.

Lastly, we have the Lunar eclipse in Cancer on 11 January 2020.  There is a part of us that just wants to comfort eat this weekend, snuggle up and spend time at home with family. Eclipses really do create milestones in our lives or obvious changing points on our path.  For all of us this is a peak experience where we see who and what makes you feel secure and comfortable.  What feels like home to you? The north node in Cancer has been teaching us since November 2018 to pay close attention to our emotions and see where we are not feeling emotionally nurtured.  We all need a life full of friends/relationships who nurture us and bring out positive emotions.  We need a job that allows us to express our passions and true self and food that nourishes us for the better.  Trust that if something ends around this eclipse, it is happening for a reason. Whatever it may be, it is not serving your evolution anymore for where you are at in your journey.  I encourage you to be honest with what drains you and what enriches you and let go whatever it is that is affecting you emotionally for the worse. Feel free to reach out for a reading….I would say a lot of people will be needing it at the moment.