New Moon in Taurus

We have a New Moon in Taurus happening at NZT 10.46am 5 May 2019.  Seeing as this New Moon is in an earth sign, this is a great time to set intentions for your physical reality and watch the fruits of what you have asked for appear.  Having Neptune ‘sextile’ this New Moon this shows us this month is powerful in manifesting your dreams into reality.  We will all benefit with this New Moon energy by feeling very grounded within ourselves.  There will be the potential to tap into finding new ways of earning money, so get creative and use your talents to open new avenues of income.  Collectively our values are all undergoing a massive change since Uranus entered Taurus in March.  This New Moon is implementing  these new value changes.  We are constantly evolving and changing, therefore, it is important to stop and think about what is valuable to you in this current moment.   The energy around this New Moon is great to indulge in your senses with lovely food, material items (shopping) and gardening.  Its the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones (e.g. go on a romantic date). Taurus New Moons always ask us to slow down and appreciate the moment.  Appreciate love and beauty in its most simplest forms.  We will all to some extent be striving for both financial and emotional security over the next month.  Take advantage of this New Moon by breaking yourself out of ruts (whether that is a habit, belief, attitude or relationship) that needs to be changed.   Venus the planet that rules Taurus, sits in Aries at the time of this New Moon, which means we are being asked to initiate projects and follow our passion.  However, we do have Venus ‘squaring’ Saturn, which is asking us to set boundaries and double check before forging ahead.  Venus ‘squaring’ the nodes has a fateful effect this month.  Relationships and jobs that are brought in will have a significant role to play in your lives.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Taurus to get a better understanding where the energy is playing out for you.

Aquarius New Moon

We have a New Moon in Aquarius occurring on Tuesday 5 February at 10.04am NZT.  Take advantage of this energy by tapping into new solutions to old problems, as this influx of energy will allow you to think outside the box.  Mercury is conjunct the moon which shows us we will want to share our feelings and ideas more, therefore you will be able to get a few things off your chest more easily. It is a great time to socialize, discuss ideas, spend time with like-minded people and discuss metaphysical things such as astrology!! People around this time generally feel open-minded to different ideas and unusual subjects.  I suggest you embrace this New Moon energy by not making too many plans and allow for the unpredictable, as this is where the magic lies.  We are being asked to live in the moment and let life take its unpredictable course.  By letting this happen more synchronistic situations and people will make their way into your life.  If new opportunities come out of the blue I suggest you act on them fast.  With Mars coming up to conjunct Uranus, be careful of making rash changes for the sake of it, as we may feel like rebelling and shaking things up which are already perfectly fine. We are all continuing to move to the next step in our evolutionary path.  Check your Natal chart and the house ruled by Aquarius to see where fresh new energy is being ignited.

New Moon in Scorpio

We have a new moon in Scorpio occurring on 8 November 2018.  Scorpio rules intimacy, our deepest desires, fears, past lives, death, shared money, investments and taboo things.  The new moon will be injecting fresh energy when it comes to these things, allowing a purging/transformative energy to take place. As it is the Scorpio season you may be feeling a strong sense of determination and seriousness with this new moon, along with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Scorpio energy always gets us to find our truth and speak our truth, after all, Scorpions only sees things as black and white.  The flip side to this energy can bring about a strong need for control, hidden motivations, possessiveness, obsessiveness, secretiveness and manipulation.  Use this new moon by listening to your psyche as this will be at a peak.  The new moon will be making some nice angles to Neptune which allows for a more softer and healing energy.  Take some time out to meditate and listen to your imagination.  It is a nice time to be romantic and express yourself or allow the healing emotions to flow through you.  This new moon could also bring some type of culmination or revelation into your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise.

New Moon in Libra

We have a New Moon in Libra occurring on 9 October 2018 NZT.  Libra represents our relationships, the balance we have in our relationships and environment, and the compromising we do in order to maintain balance.  Libra also represents our values, our fashion sense and our love of luxury.  This particular new moon is making a ‘square’ to Pluto.  The oh so lovely Libra part of us, who loves peace and harmony is getting pulled into the underworld, to have a look at the truth around these matters.  The vibe is very ‘scorpion’ with this new moon.  You may feel less inclined to be compromising and more direct and truthful when it comes to relating to people.  Your mind is showing you how you really feel on a deeper level when it comes to values and self-worth.  We already have relationships being a major theme for the next 40 days and 40 nights with Venus already retrograde.  You may be noticing your past be popping up when it comes to matters of the heart,  In essence, there is no escaping the truth in how we feel when it comes to relationships and what they mean to us.  Our ‘darker’ side is being shown when it comes to love and relationships.  We may not realise where we do not show love enough or where we sabotage situations.  Issues of boundaries, trust and intimacy are being highlighted under this New Moon.  Self-love is a major theme that we will carry with us for the rest of the next month.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Libra in order to see where this new moon in playing out for you.

Its a new moon in Aries – expect the unexpected

Many of you may be feeling the intense pressure building leading up to this new moon on 16 April 2018 1.57pm NZT.  That is because we have had the Sun in Aries already square Pluto in Capricorn.  This = major consciousness shifts for all of us.  The bar will only continue to raise on earth with getting us to follow our calling or ‘soul purpose’ and many will be finding they need to make some tough decisions.  Pluto has been showing us where our fears are but also where we need to use our inner power to take charge of situations and the Sun is telling us to use our courage to follow through on our own path no matter what others may think around us.   The theme continues with this new moon, however as Uranus is involved, things that are stale and need change will be shifted (this may come without our permission) as Uranus is the planet that wants to awaken us.  This can make us feel very uncomfortable and tired or create power plays so I suggest you do your best to observe your emotions (especially temper).  Don’t get me wrong these are also exciting times as there will definitely be new exciting avenues that we may not have been aware of that open up for us.  I suggest you do what you can to ground yourself as change can make us feel disorientated and ungrounded.  How is this playing out for you?  I am personally making changes in order to spend more time doing astrology and readings with all these shifts.   It is a great time to initiate change or take up something new.  It is a great time to rid yourself of old beliefs that are no longer resonating with your life.  Spend time with yourself and listen to your gut.  Feel free to reach out if you need some astro guidance 🙂

New Moon in Pisces

We are in the days leading up to a new moon in Pisces therefore it is normal to feel very introverted in the dark phase of the moon.  This is a “shedding phase” which allows us to release all emotions and thoughts that do not serve you.  This Pisces new moon is occurring on Sunday 18 March 2018 at NZT 2.12am and is sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron, squaring Mars in Sagittarius and trining Jupiter in Scorpio…..what does this all mean?? As much as it is a new moon and infusing us with fresh energy it is very much showing us where our wounds still need healing and giving us the energy to heal these wounds by allowing us to visualise the way forward.  You may feel a bit confused and up and down and all over the place but the fact you know this…. you can sit back and observe what is coming up to heal and be released.  It is all happening to ultimately help show us the way to our soul purpose.  Jupiter is allowing us to see the absolute truth of confusing matters.  I recommend you spend some time alone this weekend to allow yourself to connect to your soul and do some meditating/yoga mellow out to music.  This is when the insights come to us and the healing can take place.  There may be past memories that need clearing so do not be surprised if the past is on your mind.   Look to your Natal chart and see which house is ruled by Pisces to get an in depth idea where endings and beginnings are occurring with this new moon.  Remember things need to fall apart in order for new energy to surge in.  Always here to help through a reading 🙂