Mercury goes retrograde

Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde on 6 March 2019. Mercury retrogrades last for three weeks (technically the effects last longer but this is the time frame that Mercury is officially retrograde). Whenever a planet goes retrograde it does the reverse effects of what it does when it is going direct. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times a year. By rule this is not a good time to sign any important documents, make any important decisions and start anything brand new, because more than likely things will change once Mercury goes direct again. There are definitely exceptions to the rule depending on the circumstance. As Mercury is the planet that helps us communicate our thoughts and deliver our communication (whether in person or using technology), when it is retrograde it makes us internalize our thoughts and makes us very introspective over this period. Mercury takes you back over old thought patterns that you may have glossed over, and now have to take a deeper look into things (possibly need to address an issue you never got around to). It also will make communication more confusing, as there will be misunderstandings due to communication not being as clear. Around mercury retrogrades, you can expect to be delayed when trying to get somewhere fast, miss appointments by getting the days/times mixed up, and technical breakdowns with technology and cars, so triple check everything to avoid this. Time also feels like it is going very slow.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Pisces, to get a better understanding of where you are being dragged back to take a deeper look. For the collective, we are all reviewing our connection to the universe and taking a look at what we believe the meaning of life is about. Some deep stuff will come up no doubt.  As you and others will be highly sensitive during this time, really watch how you communicate.  You will find listening to music, writing poems or doing art very therapeutic during these times.    

Venus enters Aquarius

Venus, the planet of love and values enters freedom loving and intellectual Aquarius on NZT Saturday 2 March 2019.  You may notice your relationships change ‘vibe’ for the next month. You will likely become more chatty, looking for more adventures to be had, spending time with what feels like your ‘tribe’ and generally socialize a lot more and mix with different people.  As Aquarius is an air sign, people born with this energy love to discuss different ideas and innovate.  Therefore you may find yourself thinking more uniquely, seeing things from different views and you may also notice yourself become more receptive to environmental factors and the need to help the environment.  It is a great time to get out and meet new people from all walks of life as well as creating gatherings with friends.  I encourage you to also listen to new ideas that may be coming up out of the blue.  For a better understanding of how you will be affected look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aquarius.

Mars enters Taurus

Mars the planet of action, assertion and determination moves into Taurus on Thursday 14 February 2019 NZT.  Your get up and go drive will be moving from a very energetic pace to a now ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of pace.  The motivation to be out in nature and smelling the roses, eating delicious foods and being motivated to look your best are all themes that will be relevant while Mars remains in here for the next 6 weeks.  Mars in Taurus is motivated by security in relationships financially and emotionally.  It really is a time to slow the pace of life and enjoy the moment.  This energy helps to sort relationship issues, values and finances.  The flip side to this energy is to watch for becoming very stubborn in getting your own way or being motivated by superficial things rather than getting amongst the more natural earthy side of life.  Look to your Natal chart and see where Taurus rules to get a more specific idea of how this transit will affect you.

Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury the planet of communication enters Pisces on Sunday 10 February 2019.  Be prepared for a whole lot of confusion, miscommunication, chaos, memory loss, wondering mind and feeling a bit ungrounded.   On the flip side, this is a great time to have conversations with your elders and talk about spirituality or even spending more time not talking and just sitting with your soul meditating.  Your intuition will be your best guide during the next 2 months and your imagination will be at a peak – so I encourage you to write down your ideas of your ideal future and take note of your dreams as they will be extremely vivid.  As you and others will be highly sensitive during this time, really watch how you communicate.  You will find listening to music, writing poems or doing art very therapeutic during these times.  It is not the best time to make any hard decisions as Pisces energy can be very deceiving and you may not be seeing things as they truly are.  It is, however, a great time to talk things through with loved ones that need resolving as this is the time when we feel the most compassion for others and our boundaries come down – do watch for people abusing your boundaries though!!  When we have Pisces energy occurring it is the universal time to step back and allow things to work out how the Universe has orchestrated things – in other words, try not to control everything.  Look to your Natal chart to see where you will be finding your thoughts drawn to for the next 2 months.

Uranus Direct

Uranus turns direct on 7 January 2018 which means FULL STEAM AHEAD. Uranus is the planet that causes unpredictable events especially when it “stations” before switching directions. When Uranus is stationing (as it is doing over this weekend) I must warn you to be careful and pay attention to what you are doing as accidents occur around this time, especially with our electronic devices, sharp tools and fire. Uranus is the planet that often causes earthquakes and lightning. Like every plane​t, he can bring pleasant surprises too but also very unexpected challenging surprises. He likes to bring rebelliousness and chaos to the mix. You may notice a complete change in direction of your life path around Uranus stationing. You may also notice yourself getting headaches around this time as well as RAGE and acting very impatient. If you can, try to exert your energy into physical activity or challenging your mind by playing board games, as this helps to channel the energy. Uranus often brings awakenings and irritable energy. Uranus helps to shake things up that are stagnant therefore tune into your uniqueness and channel any creativity or genius ideas that come to you over this period. We have Uranus exiting Aries for good in March, therefore make the most of the next couple of months with reidentifying who you are.

Mercury re-enters Sagittarius

Mercury has taken us all on a wild ride over the 6 weeks.  Mercury entered Sagittarius on 31 October 2018 then retrograded back and went into Scorpio for the last 2 weeks – we all had to access our inner shaman once more.  Mercury has moved direct and has moved out of Scorpio and back into Sagittarius today.  What have you noticed over this time frame?  Have you rethought what direction you are moving in?  Did something come up over this time that you had disregarded before?  You will now start to feel your thoughts and mind pick up in pace (most likely jumping from one task to the next).  It is the season to be jolly, just remember to take a breathe and centre yourself often.  Be ready for your mind to EXPAND again with greater visions and quests for life.  Life is boring without some kind of journey with this particular placement.  A journey can mean either through the mind (via meditation/yoga) or on a physical journey whether overseas or down to the zoo – anything that pushes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to learn and grow.  Conversations are usually interesting with this placement as we explore our beliefs – on the flip side people can become domineering by preaching that their belief is “right”.  Channel that inner comedian, you will notice your sense of humour shine with all this Sag energy.  Learning a new subject or language is a great way to channel this energy.  Creating a vision board for future dreams is another great way to channel this energy.  It is great to dream, however, reflect on what is working well and be content with that – as Mercury here can make us feel that the grass is greener.  Your thoughts, on the whole, will become a lot more optimistic than what they have been for the last few weeks.  Watch opportunities start to flow better.  Look to your Natal Chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to get a deeper understanding where your thoughts are being drawn to.  Feel free to book a reading with me if you wish to have your Natal chart done or want to understand your chart better.