Mercury enters Taurus

We have Mercury the planet of communication moving into Taurus on 7 May 2019.  Our thought patterns will slow down substantially from the Aries pace.  We will be thinking more methodically, resourcefully and have a lot more patience.  As grounded as this placement is – once the bull gets fired up it will blow, so I suggest not to push the limits too far when communicating your own thoughts. This placement has the potential for us to get very fixed and stubborn when getting our point across – the best way to use this is to focus on one project as it will give you the endurance to follow through.  Our thoughts will be drawn to things like cooking, indulging in rich foods, gardening, shopping, wining and dining and just wanting to be doing anything that serves comfort for ourselves.   Relationships will also continue to be a strong theme on our mind along with our values and how we earn our money.  Mercury will meet up with Uranus in the first few days of entering Taurus – therefore expect the unexpected this week.  You could receive some news that changes how you earn your money, however, it depends on where it is hitting your chart to know exactly you will be affected.  If you want a better idea of how you will be affected with Mercury entering Taurus look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Taurus.

Sun moves into Taurus

The Sun moves into Taurus on 20 April 2019 NZT.  We are now moving from a lot of fire energy to slow patient Taurus energy so you may notice the pace of your life slow down.  The Taurus month starts of with the Sun sitting next to Uranus in Taurus so there may be some unpredictable events over the next few days. For the rest of the month, you may notice yourself become more opinionated so watch for arguments, however, it is a great time to concentrate and persist on any project we have going as the bull in us will give great determination to tackle any task head-on.  As a collective, the Sun in Taurus invites us all to slow down and indulge in our five senses (feel, touch, see, taste, hear) e.g. by taking a walk in nature, enjoying good quality food and drink, buying nice clothes and also nurturing our one to one relationships.  You may find yourself being a lot more fixated on your finances and looking more at your values.   The next month is a great time to focus on our talents, gifts and abilities and patiently persist with them.

Mercury enters Aries

Mercury the planet of communication enters into Aries on 17 April 2019. We can expect our thoughts to become a lot more clear and decisive. We are moving away from the last 2 months of Mercury in Pisces that brought a lot of endings, spiritual revelations and confusion. Our communication becomes impatient, passionate and at times very blunt (try to remember to think before you speak). Keeping your mind busy and active is the best way to channel this energy – for example get outside and get active whilst catching up with a friend (e.g. walk and talk). Your mind will want to initiate and start new projects. Get involved in anything that is creative and gives you passion. Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Aries to see where your thoughts are being drawn to. Feel free to reach out for a reading 🙂

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter the planet that rules expansion, abundance, lessons, faith, philosophy and truth is turning retrograde on 11 April 2019. Since November 2018 Jupiter moved into Sagittarius where we have all been stretched in one way or another to grow, push us out of our comfort zone and seek deeper meaning/truth. This all depends on where Jupiter is transiting your natal chart as to what exactly you have been encouraged to learn and grow. The lessons that have been learnt since November take more of an internal focus for the next 5 months. Jupiter may return something to you in this time from a long time ago – a course you once took up, a country you once visited or a job/relationship you once had. Whatever returns in the next 5 months has a piece to your missing puzzle. You can expect some great epiphanieis to occur in this retrograde cycle and some much-needed insight or wisdom to flood through. Enjoy 🙂 reach out for a reading if you want to understand how you are being affected.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

Even though Mercury has turned direct, the confusion, healing and chaos will be hanging around for a couple more weeks until Mercury enters Aries. Today we have Mercury sitting next to Neptune which means there could be an important message you need to listen out for. Spending time alone will help to download any insight you may need guidance on. Take the time to do something relaxing, read a book, do a yoga class, listen to music or meditate. Do something that helps you connect to your soul. We still have foggy and unclear mist to sort through over the next couple of weeks but you will notice things slowly make a lot more sense when Mercury enters Aries on April 19 2019. Enjoy the next few weeks of reflection and subtle insights coming to your awareness. We are shedding for a big paradigm shift, therefore, the more you tap into what your soul needs, the easier this transition will be.

New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in Aries occurring on 5 April 2019 NZT 8.50pm. This is a great time to set your intentions for the astrological year ahead. Its a time of beginnings as Aries rules the start of the astrological cycle for the next 12 months. You will notice yourself this month have the energy, fire and inspiration to tackle tasks and implement new projects. Mars the planet that rules Aries is sitting in Gemini, therefore we are all full of creative ideas – so listen to what’s coming to mind this month.   It is a great time to initiate change or take up something new.  It is a great time to rid yourself of old beliefs that are no longer resonating with your life.  Spend time with yourself and listen to your gut.  It is the time to act on impulse and plant the seeds for your ideas. Take advantage of the inspiration and abundance of energy this month. There is a ‘square’ over to Saturn around this New Moon. If you are feeling restricted around your plans/ideas, know that they may need more refining. Saturn will make it very obvious if there is no real foundation to your ideas as you will find it near impossible to carry them through. However, if you find challenges and pass the test, then you will know your ideas/plans have the stamina to carry through. It’s a great time to also get active and burn off any extra rage or frustration. This will help to avoid unnecessary arguments, as this energy can make us feel a bit short tempered if we are not directing our energy constructively. Feel free to reach out if you need some astro guidance 🙂