Mercury goes retrograde

Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde on 8 July 2019. Mercury retrogrades last for three weeks (technically the effects last longer but this is the time frame that Mercury is officially retrograde). Whenever a planet goes retrograde it does the reverse effects of what it does when it is going direct. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times a year. By rule this is not a good time to sign any important documents, make any important decisions and start anything brand new, because more than likely things will change once Mercury goes direct again. There are definitely exceptions to the rule depending on the circumstance. As Mercury is the planet that helps us communicate our thoughts and deliver our communication (whether in person or using technology), when it is retrograde it makes us internalize our thoughts and makes us very introspective over this period. Mercury takes you back over old thought patterns that you may have glossed over, and now have to take a deeper look into things (possibly need to address an issue you never got around to). It also will make communication more confusing, as there will be misunderstandings due to communication not being as clear. Around mercury retrogrades, you can expect to be delayed when trying to get somewhere fast, miss appointments by getting the days/times mixed up, and technical breakdowns with technology and cars, so triple check everything to avoid this. Time also feels like it is going very slow.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Leo and Cancer, to get a better understanding of where you are being dragged back to take a deeper look. For the collective, we are all reviewing our self love thought patterns.  We are also looking to how we nurture ourselves. Some deep stuff will come up no doubt.  Remember not to dwell too much but take the time to re-edit your thought patterns and fix what needs your attention.



Venus in Cancer

Venus moves into Cancer on 4 July 2019.  Venus is the planet that represents our relationships, earned income and values.  If you want to know where you will feel the love, peace and harmony for the next month look to the house ruled by Cancer in your chart.  Venus will be moving into Cancer and staying there for the next month. As a collective we will all be feeling nurtured by spending more time with our family, spending time around the home, and making your home your haven.  If you are in a relationship, you may notice yourself be more moody, emotional and clingy. The energy will make us more caring and sensitive to others needs as long as we are receiving the same in return.  You will enjoy redecorating and spending money on your home and loved ones.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

“If you avoid your feelings, you also avoid understanding who you really are”.  We have a Solar Eclipse occurring in Cancer on 3 July 2019.   A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is in between the Sun and the Earth in direct alignment. This will always be at the time of the New Moon.  We have New Moons every month but Solar Eclipses occur approximately 6 months apart.  The Solar Eclipse is the focal point of change indicating the main thrust of the movement.  Usually, you can feel the eclipse effects as soon as one month before it occurs or one month after it occurs. Eclipses really do create milestones in our lives or obvious changing points on our path.  For all of us this a fresh start in creating the best possible environment for yourself to feel secure and comfortable.  The north node in Cancer has been teaching us since November 2018 to pay close attention to our emotions and see where we are not feeling emotionally nurtured.  We all need a life full of friends/relationships who nurture us and bring out positive emotions.  We need a job that allows us to express our passions and true self and food that nourishes us for the better.  This New Moon is encouraging you to let go of any relationship, job, environment or thought pattern that does not serve you for your own good.  Trust that if something ends around this eclipse, it is happening for a reason. Whatever it may be, it is not serving your evolution anymore for where you are at in your journey.  I encourage you to be honest with what drains you and what enriches you and let go whatever it is that is affecting you emotionally for the worse.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Cancer to see where a new story is beginning for the next 6 months.

Mercury enters Leo

“You don’t need a leader.  You need the knowledge that will teach you to be your own leader”.  Mercury the planet of communication and how we process our thoughts enters Leo on 27 June 2019.  Our thoughts turn from an introverted and emotional state to a more confident and ambitious tone.  It’s a great time to express your feelings and your true authentic self.  Thoughts and speech may come out more dramatic or passionate so watch how you speak to those around you.  Your mind will be drawn to things that are entertaining and bring you a sense of joy.  Spending time with children is favoured as well as getting creative.  Self-love and self-worth will be highlighted under this transit (you will notice if you are lacking in it or feeling full of confidence). We attach more to our ego in Leo times so be careful not to attach too much to outcomes or what people say – in saying that people love compliments in these Mercury Leo times so dish them out. Check out your natal chart to the house ruled by Leo to get a better idea of where your thoughts are being drawn too.

Winter Solstice

On  22 June 2019 NZT we have the Sun entering Cancer which marks the time of our annual Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere) or summer Solstice  (longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere).   This is a lovely time to nurture ourselves, heal the past and take some time out.  This water energy can bring about some amazing creative inspiration and ideas.  On the other hand we are dealing with deep waters on an unconscious level…your desires are more apparent and unconscious fears or past habitual patterns are being stirred deep from within.  To navigate these waters you need to be extremely present with yourself otherwise you will resort to ’emotional eating’ or ‘sulking behaviours’.  If we can handle doing the inner work, the results will take you to a place of contentment.  As a result you will see a wave of healing and love wash over you, so I suggest do the inner work!  Being emotionally present is an especially powerful healing tool for this water sign.  Cancer enhances the memory so watch for holding onto grudges.. but do observe what memories float back up around this time, as it is a great time to reminisce.  It is a great time to spend with loved ones especially prominent female figures in our life.  This energy is used best to enjoy time spent at home and nurturing our close relationships, as we will all have more emotional energy than usual.  Watch out for overeating as we may take our emotions out on food more than usual. Spending time with animals is also highly favoured.  Our intuition is crazy strong too so listen to your instincts.  If you need to rid any excess energy I suggest water sports or being active by the water.  Look to the House ruled Cancer to see where your time and energy are asking you to focus on the next month.

Venus enters Gemini

“I’m not very good at making specific plans.  Just meet me under the sky somewhere and be alive with me”.  This week we have Venus the planet which represents our values, talents, relationships and money moving into Gemini the quick witty sign on 9 June 2019.  This means when it comes to relating to others we are wanting stimulating and intellectual conversations.  Conversations will likely be drawn to subjects about the news, gossip and light-hearted humour.  It is a time where you will be drawn to go on a trip somewhere with your loved ones to change up the scenery, as Gemini’s love a change of environment.  If you have things that need to be said to people around you or loved ones this is a great time to get things of your chest – just note you may need to think a bit before blurting everything out.  The need to learn may become very strong, therefore, follow this urge if you want to take up a new course to expand your skills.  Note you may spread yourself thin as this energy makes us want to do everything all at once, therefore, writing a list at the start of the day may help to direct the energy more productively.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Gemini to get a better idea how you are being affected with this transit.