Full Super Moon in Libra

We have a Super Moon in Libra on 21 March 2019 . A Super Full Moon is extra potent as it makes its closest approach to earth resulting in the largest lunar disk as seen from Earth.  The energies for us on Earth are felt a lot stronger as well, so you can expect the lead up to this Full Moon to be highly emotional.  Libra is represented by the scales, therefore, this full moon is helping to show us where the scales may be unbalanced in any part of our life but also where there is harmony in our life.  As Libra is an air sign it is great to use this energy for communicating, spending time with like-minded souls, your partners and indulging in things that ignite the senses (e.g. massage, yummy food and wine, shopping).  This full moon will also help us all see different perspectives than we usually see – so pay attention to any issues that may need you to take a different perspective.  It will be a great time to debate and ponder ideas – however, you may struggle to make concrete decisions under this indecisive influence so it is better to wait out anything important until after the full moon (or better yet after Mercury goes direct).  The Moon is opposing Chiron at the time of the full moon so you may find it hard to express your feelings without feeling awkward. Venus is also square Mars so there may be intense love/hate feelings being felt. Look for constructive ways of projecting this emotion rather than arguing and getting yourself nowhere with another. Check your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where your attention is being bought to under this Full Moon.

Autumn Equinox

This time every year (21 March) we celebrate the seasons changing from Summer into Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.   The equinox represents the Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun resulting in equal day and equal night.  It is a time of change, endings and beginnings. We now start the astrological new year.  For the next month we are being asked to spend our attention on ourselves versus the need for relationship. We need to assess who we are as well as finding the love for ourselves stronger than the need for relationship.  Once we can do this we are then ready to share our love with another.  You will see where you over-compromise versus where you are too selfish this month.   Usually we give too much love to other relationships and don’t allow ourselves to receive.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Aries to get a better idea of where the Sun will be illuminating a call for more independence this month.

R.I.P Keith Flint

I woke up feeling the strong need to write about Keith’s death as I feel in the Astrology world, what people don’t understand is that we can see a lot of what is going on with peoples ‘psychological state’. No we cannot ‘fix it’, but we can definately be there to talk, give some tips of how to work with the energy more constructively, look into possible time frames that the energy is hanging around and tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can recommend some very helpful professional people for you also. Of course there are other factors that come into play, but astrology is a tool that can assit. I will never forget seeing The Prodigy at Big Day Out, it is up there in one of my favourite performances ever. His ability to give so much energy and passion in his performance definately had a lot to do with his Sun ‘conjunct’ Pluto. Rest in Peace you legend!!

Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus the planet that rules unpredictability, shakes up the status quo, gets us out of ruts and propels us out of our comfort zone enters Taurus on 6 March 2019. This is big news as Uranus takes 7-8 years to travel through a sign – the last 7-8 years we have collectively changed our ‘identity’ in how we see ourselves in the world. Now we collectively will be changing what we hold valuable to us, how we view relationships and how we earn our money. Our relationship in how we treat mother earth will go through a big change. This transit could see a lot of earthquakes occur in the next 8 year period as well as a change in monetary systems, change in fashion and beauty cosmetics. To get a better idea of how this change will affect you, check your natal chart to the house ruled by Taurus. Feel free to reach out for a reading if you want a further understanding of how this will affect you.

New Moon in Pisces

We have a Pisces new moon occurring on Thursday 7 March 2019 at NZT 5.04am. Some of you will be desiring more alone time and reflection, along with allowing your feelings to flow and letting go of what no longer serves your soul. There may be past memories that need clearing so do not be surprised if the past is on your mind.  These are all typical themes we deal with this time every year as Pisces represents the end of the astrological year. The Moon is making some nice aspects to other planets at the time of the New Moon, therefore we have some magic to tap into this month. We have the Moon ‘conjunct’ Neptune, giving us the opportunity to practice more trust in the universe.  There is a ‘universal order’ to how things will play out this month so try and allow synchronicity to step in, as opposed to trying to control everything. There is magic in surrendering to the flow of the universe and trusting things will pan out as they should. Due to Neptune’s foggy qualities, this conjunction can also bring with it some confusion and fantasy in how we are seeing certain situations or people. The more conscious awareness we have, the more we can discern what is reality so keep up your spiritual practices to ensure you are grounded and not getting swept up in illusion. Dreams will be very vivid along with our psychic abilities. You may feel a bit confused and all over the place, but the fact you know this means you can sit back and observe what is coming up to heal and be released.  It is all happening to ultimately help show us the way to our soul purpose. Saturn, Pluto and Mars are all ‘sextiling’ the Moon which means we have a helping hand from the universe to bring our dreams down into reality this month. We have the practicality and stamina to persevere with our life’s vision. Jupiter is ‘squaring’ this New Moon, therefore the advice here is to not overdo things this month as you could find it easy to overindulge and push yourself.  I recommend you spend some time alone over the days of the New Moon and allow yourself to connect to your soul either through meditating/yoga or music. This is when the insights come to us and the healing can take place. Look to your Natal chart and see which house is ruled by Pisces to get an in depth idea where endings and beginnings are occurring with this New Moon.  Remember things need to fall apart in order for new energy to surge in.