We have a Full Moon in Scorpio happening on 7 May 2019 NZT. Themes of Scorpio are to do with finances,  sexuality, transformation, taboo subjects and death. We really feel on a primal level what our desires are, so pay attention. It is a great time to allow the inner demons to come up and release all the doubt and negativity that hangs around inside. Issues from the past or subconscious issues may be cropping up because you have suppressed these emotions (take note of your dreams also as this can be a sign of what is hanging around your subconscious). When we don’t accept all parts of ourselves (i.e. the parts we feel ashamed of and judge) they start to rule us…this is where you need to take an internal stand and take the power back by firstly embracing the good, bad and ugly.  The more higher vibrations of Scorpio energy are transformation and changing (like the snake shedding its skin).  You know you are in the more lower vibrations if you are feeling paranoid or acting out in manipulative ways. Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Scorpio to see where deep fears and transformation needs to be addressed. The full moon will be making an ‘opposition’ with Mercury which means you may be trying very hard to make rational sense out of emotions.  Learn to sit with the deeper feelings rather than over analyze.  Another aspect the Moon will be making is a ‘trine’ to Neptune.  Think of this as a spiritual cleanse of all subconscious emotions.  This can relate back to past lives therefore do not overthink such emotions but welcome them to be felt and listened to.  Take the time to be gentle with yourself and spend some quality time alone.  That will allow the emotions to raise with ease and help you to not sting anyone who gets to close under the Scorpio influence.  Writing, listening to music, having a nice bath or channeling your creativity into something will help with this release also.