We have a Super Moon in Libra on 21 March 2019 . A Super Full Moon is extra potent as it makes its closest approach to earth resulting in the largest lunar disk as seen from Earth.  The energies for us on Earth are felt a lot stronger as well, so you can expect the lead up to this Full Moon to be highly emotional.  Libra is represented by the scales, therefore, this full moon is helping to show us where the scales may be unbalanced in any part of our life but also where there is harmony in our life.  As Libra is an air sign it is great to use this energy for communicating, spending time with like-minded souls, your partners and indulging in things that ignite the senses (e.g. massage, yummy food and wine, shopping).  This full moon will also help us all see different perspectives than we usually see – so pay attention to any issues that may need you to take a different perspective.  It will be a great time to debate and ponder ideas – however, you may struggle to make concrete decisions under this indecisive influence so it is better to wait out anything important until after the full moon (or better yet after Mercury goes direct).  The Moon is opposing Chiron at the time of the full moon so you may find it hard to express your feelings without feeling awkward. Venus is also square Mars so there may be intense love/hate feelings being felt. Look for constructive ways of projecting this emotion rather than arguing and getting yourself nowhere with another. Check your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to see where your attention is being bought to under this Full Moon.