Jupiter the planet that rules expansion, abundance, lessons, faith, philosophy and truth is turning retrograde on 11 April 2019. Since November 2018 Jupiter moved into Sagittarius where we have all been stretched in one way or another to grow, push us out of our comfort zone and seek deeper meaning/truth. This all depends on where Jupiter is transiting your natal chart as to what exactly you have been encouraged to learn and grow. The lessons that have been learnt since November take more of an internal focus for the next 5 months. Jupiter may return something to you in this time from a long time ago – a course you once took up, a country you once visited or a job/relationship you once had. Whatever returns in the next 5 months has a piece to your missing puzzle. You can expect some great epiphanieis to occur in this retrograde cycle and some much-needed insight or wisdom to flood through. Enjoy 🙂 reach out for a reading if you want to understand how you are being affected.