Mars enters Aries (which is its home sign) on 28 June 2020.  With all this water energy we may feel like we are drowning in, Mars will help to lift us out of the slow and procrastinating energy (that energy will not immediately disappear though, we still have a lot of Cancer energy at the moment).  Mars will be in Aries for the rest of the year which is pretty crazy…its only usually in a sign for 6 weeks.  It will spend some of that time retrograde, therefore this truely is a year of one step forwards, two steps backwards.  We have a lot of shedding to do this year, and this adds to some of that process when it goes retrograde. We better make the most of it while it is direct, so I suggest over the next couple of months to get out outside and complete those tasks you have be procrastinating on.  It is a great time to be doing more physical activity, however, do be careful as you may find yourself be more accident prone due to the impulsive nature Mars has in Aries.  Do watch your temper as you may feel more impatient – it is better to channel your energy into physical things if you find yourself behaving this way.  Mars in Aries represents war like energy so it will be interesting how the collective handle this energy for so long.  If this energy is not used properly it stagnates and creates headaches so also watch for this.  It is a great time to dive into new passions/projects, however, take a bit of time to assess the long term reality as you may find once Mars leaves Aries your energy/passion deflates.  There are super exciting times coming so jump on board to new opportunities quickly as there will definitely be unexpected things coming out of the blue.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Aries to see where more passion and energy will be surging in, but also where there is an over emphasis of what you will be motivated by for the rest of the year.