Mars is the planet that represents our assertion, desire and motivation (its the masculine energy in us).  It moves into Cancer on 16 May 2019 and stays for 6 weeks.  Mars in Cancer is not in its best position.  Mars likes to be more aggressive and tackle things immediately and with confidence.  When it sits in Cancer it makes the energy a lot more emotional, makes us procrastinate and creates lethargy.  So if you start to notice yourself stuck on the couch over the next 6 weeks you know why 🙂 It is important to channel your emotions constructively (i.e. express yourself, write or spend time by the ocean/lakes to keep the watery emotional energy moving).  It’s a great time to spend with people from your past and family members.  Its the ultimate snuggle energy :). Look to your natal chart and the house ruled by Cancer to get a better idea where you will be motivated over the next 6 weeks.