Mars is the warrior planet, planet of action and assertiveness.  He finally leaves watery emotional Cancer and enters Leo on 2 July 2019.  The effects will be very obvious when he changes sign as the passion in us all will get fired up.  The energy is progressing now into a great time for leadership, assertiveness and enthusiasm.  Be careful not to be too pushy and stubborn.  Collectively emotions will be stirred to feel a love for life.  You may notice yourself become more playful and flirty. I suggest to use this energy to tap into your creativity to express yourself and use the passionate energy to spoil your love relationships.  People will feel exceptionally grateful for compliments around this time so do not hold back in expressing yourself to others.  If you feel an overwhelming amount of physical energy due to all this fire energy in Leo, I encourage you to participate in steady exercise daily to help tame the amount of extrovert energy you are feeling, otherwise you may find yourself in situations where you are exaggerating the truth and causing drama.  Look to the house in your Natal chart ruled by Leo to see where Mars is encouraging you to spend your energy over the next 6 weeks.  If you would like a reading please go to my bookings page