Mars enters Pisces on 13 May 2020 NZT.
Mars is the planet that represents our drive and motivation.  We have had Mars in Aquarius for the last 6 weeks which has bought up issues to do with equality, how we are treated and the global consciousness. Mars in Pisces for the next 6 week stay is a great time to channel your emotional energy into creative pursuits like photography, music, poetry and being romantic.  It is a great time to get into yoga and meditation as we are more eager to connect with our higher self.  It can be a very emotional time, therefore it is important to channel emotions constructively.  We are more open to heal wounded parts of ourselves with Mars’ influence as the past will be stirred up.  The flip side to this energy can make people turn to addiction and substance abuse if you do not channel this energy more positively.  Energy levels won’t be overly high, however water sports are highly favoured (surfing, swimming, kayaking).  Pisces is a sign of no boundaries and the unseen.  Astrologers would be suggesting this will spread the virus more…Take good care of yourself and take the time to retreat and connect to the more spiritual parts of yourself.