Mars is the planet that represents our assertion, desire and motivation (its the masculine energy in us).  It moves into Virgo on 18 August 2019 and stays for 6 weeks.  Mars in Virgo has a restlessness about it.  The anxious energy needs to be put to good use otherwise worry and irritability set in.  Mars in this placement likes to know it is being of service and helping.  The best way to channel this energy in the next 6 weeks is to focus on healthy eating, getting to all the details in your life such as cleaning and organizing things you have been delaying.  It is a great time to be practical and get on with the mundane daily tasks, organization, routine and order in your daily life.  I suggest a routine that involves exercise or yoga.  If we don’t use the energy in these constructive ways then our mental health pays for it.  Look to your natal chart to see where Mars is giving you a boost of energy.  Feel free to reach out for a reading 🙂