As I have been warning you, we have Mars in the sign of Aries for a whole 6 months which is a very long time.  We are about to see Mars goes retrograde for the next 2 months, which means we will all feel a slow down in energy output.  That motivation to get to the gym may just lose its momentum, or some projects that were moving forward may just slow down and take a different path.  This is not a bad thing, the planets always do this to help us retrace our steps or catch up on that depleted energy that has been simmering away.  If you have been not been careful over these last couple of months, Mars in Aries will have been hammering your adrenal glands.  Maybe take these two months to recuperate and top up on your b vitamins, magnesium and adaptogenic herbs.  Take it easy on the alcohol and coffee and try drink more green tea chamomile/liquorice tea to support you and get back top of your mars/physical energy. As the planet’s energy turns inwards, we may feel more emotional irritation, headaches or more inflammation in our bodies. If you need more guidance on how your chart is being affected, feel free to reach out.