Mercury the planet of communication moves into Cancer on 5 June 2019.  Over the next 3 weeks, our minds will become nostalgic and emotional.  We will be drawn to our past and likely wanting to spend time with people from our past.  Due to the past being on our mind, this will cause forward thinking and planning to be impossible due to worry of the unknown.  You may find yourself over analyzing situations especially when things are going wrong.  If this happens, look to ways to express yourself either through writing or telling stories in order to channel the energy in a more positive light.  If you do not channel it then you will likely become more depressed and want to eat through your emotions.  It is a great time to read books or watch movies to do with history as it is a time to remember our past.  Do not worry yourself silly if you find yourself changing your mind, as your emotions are likely to be your driving force at this time.