We have Mercury the planet of communication moving into Capricorn on 29 December 2019.  This makes us want to plan for the future and set ourseleves ambitious goals.  The Capricorn party keeps growing – we have the Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and now Mercury….Not to mention a Solar eclipse that happened on 26 December 2019.  We are in a big Capricorn vortex.   Eclipses bring in obvious changing points on our path and create milestones.  With all this Capricorn energy ocurring, things can feel a bit serious and sober.  

We are being asked to really take a good look at our long term goals, ambitions and where in the world we feel we belong.  Its a time of discerning these decisions on our own without anyone else influencing us.  These themes have been amongst us for the last two years with Saturn’s move into Capricorn at the end of 2017. Mercury in this position for the next 3 weeks will bring our communication style to a much more methodical approach and see things a lot more black and white.  The need to compartmentalize and bring structure to how we deal with situations will be strong.  I suggest to use this energy by bringing structure and order into your life as well as planning a future that will pay off as an investment.