Mercury the planet of communication leaves patient Taurus and enters into gossiping
Gemini on 12 May 2020.  Mercury is the planet that rules how we think, how we communicate our ideas and how we logically go about our daily responsibilities.  With Mercury entering this position for the 3 weeks you will find your thoughts really start to speed up with ideas popping up all over the show. Because your mind will be on a treadmill you may find yourself wanting to read more and learn more.  You will have the urge to talk and communicate your ideas and opinions with anyone and everyone. Watch yourself talking too much as the Gemini buzz loves to gossip! Mercury in Gemini makes us extremely witty and quick with retaliation.  You will find your daily lives get a lot busier with people calling, texting, and arranging for more catch ups than usual (any excuse to socialize!!!).    Your day to day routine will completely lose flow as you will find yourself wanting to multitask and change up your routine to keep yourself stimulated.  In fact, going on a short outing will be exactly what you are craving as this energy makes us want to change up our scenery and do something different.  For a more specific idea on where you will find your thoughts dominating over the next 3 weeks look to the house where Gemini rules.