“You don’t need a leader.  You need the knowledge that will teach you to be your own leader”.  Mercury the planet of communication and how we process our thoughts enters Leo on 27 June 2019.  Our thoughts turn from an introverted and emotional state to a more confident and ambitious tone.  It’s a great time to express your feelings and your true authentic self.  Thoughts and speech may come out more dramatic or passionate so watch how you speak to those around you.  Your mind will be drawn to things that are entertaining and bring you a sense of joy.  Spending time with children is favoured as well as getting creative.  Self-love and self-worth will be highlighted under this transit (you will notice if you are lacking in it or feeling full of confidence). We attach more to our ego in Leo times so be careful not to attach too much to outcomes or what people say – in saying that people love compliments in these Mercury Leo times so dish them out. Check out your natal chart to the house ruled by Leo to get a better idea of where your thoughts are being drawn too.