Mercury the planet of communication enters Pisces on Sunday 10 February 2019.  Be prepared for a whole lot of confusion, miscommunication, chaos, memory loss, wondering mind and feeling a bit ungrounded.   On the flip side, this is a great time to have conversations with your elders and talk about spirituality or even spending more time not talking and just sitting with your soul meditating.  Your intuition will be your best guide during the next 2 months and your imagination will be at a peak – so I encourage you to write down your ideas of your ideal future and take note of your dreams as they will be extremely vivid.  As you and others will be highly sensitive during this time, really watch how you communicate.  You will find listening to music, writing poems or doing art very therapeutic during these times.  It is not the best time to make any hard decisions as Pisces energy can be very deceiving and you may not be seeing things as they truly are.  It is, however, a great time to talk things through with loved ones that need resolving as this is the time when we feel the most compassion for others and our boundaries come down – do watch for people abusing your boundaries though!!  When we have Pisces energy occurring it is the universal time to step back and allow things to work out how the Universe has orchestrated things – in other words, try not to control everything.  Look to your Natal chart to see where you will be finding your thoughts drawn to for the next 2 months.