We have Mercury the planet that rules communication, ideas and our thinking process move into Virgo on 20 August 2020.  We are leaving the fixed options behind and now getting down to the nitty gritty details in our life.  It is great to get your thoughts focused on your daily routine, organising/event planning, cleaning, health and fitness. We will all notice ourselves become more critical and fussy so watch out for nit picking and criticizing others and yourself.  It is a great time to use the analytical side of Virgo to really get to the bottom of whatever things in your life need order, as you have the energy available to look in great detail of how to sort your life out.  If you become very worried/anxious around the next month (typical Virgo trait)  make sure you release any restless energy by doing a hobbie (yoga/meditation), get plenty of fresh air and make yourself have some downtime to center yourself.  Look to the house in your natal chart ruled by Virgo to find out where your thoughts will be shifting over the next month.