We start the weekend off with the Moon in Pisces as well as Mars and Neptune all meeting up in Pisces together “squaring’ the Sun in Gemini.  This makes the energy very misty and foggy.  We may be caught up on a spiritual high or feeling extremely low, depending on how the tidal waves of emotion are affecting us.  Our direction, confidence, and energy may suddenly feel very weak and confused.  There may be moments of clarity and then you feel swept up in the confusion again.  These are very normal feelings with this kind of energy.   It is a weekend that is great to retreat, spend some time with yourself, and have a nice bath.  Read some interesting books about philosophy or something that expands your knowledge on a topic.  People or emotions suppressed from the past may appear in your dreams or during the day.  A lot of the information coming to us this weekend may not make factual sense but is appearing in symbolic forms to help you question your faith or give you a bigger understanding.  Maybe things are cropping back up not necessarily to give you direction but to give you meaning and healing to the past.  Pisces energy is good at bringing up fears and paranoia so watch for making stories up and believing your illusions.  The mind will be taken down some very confusing paths, so bring your attention to your intuition or gut when you feel lead astray by the fog.  We are right in the middle of eclipse season so emotions are already extremely high.  Take it slow, and be kind to yourself.