Neptune King of the tides goes retrograde on 22 June 2020. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, illusion, dreams and intuition. When a planet goes retrograde its energy affects us more internally.  With Neptune going retrograde over the next 5 months, you will find you have a clearer and sharper intuition from your inner voice and gut feeling.  Wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart (the house ruled by Pisces) you will notice over this period that things become a lot clearer and not so confusing. You will also find any misunderstandings in this area come to light and can be cleared up and understood better.  Whenever a planet stations just before it goes retrograde its effects are highly potent, so you may find over the coming days yourself feeling very confused and muddled, mixing things up, forgetting things, highly sensitive, connecting more with your higher self and wanting more alone time.  Its also a time where things feel fated and synchronistic so watch for what is happening around you. It is a great time to connect with your spiritual self and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.  Creativity will be at a peak as well as compassion.  Fears and illusions can come up around this time too so don’t always believe everything your mind is telling you.  Your dreams will no doubt be very vivid so watch for any signs or symbols.  Neptune going retrograde will help us ground any visions and dreams we want to put into reality.  Look to your Natal chart to house ruled by Pisces to get a better idea where Neptune is affecting you.  We have also just come off the second eclipse of three, so we are getting there….Lots of emotions, changes, endings and beginnings happening which will be no making many feel overwhelmed.  This week we have a few more changes in the cosmos to come that will lift the energy…more on that later in the week 🙂