We have a New Moon in Cancer on 21 July 2020 which is the same day as Matariki here in New Zealand.  The following day we have the Sun moving into Leo (yay). What does this all mean?! Well, incase you haven’t dwelled on the past enough, or sat comfortably with your inner world, you are getting a second chance for the next monthly cycle.  This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a row.  We have another layer of work to do when it comes to creating a nest within your inner world which reflects into your outer world.  We are being asked to dig deeper in being honest how we feel secure and comfortable with ourselves and our environment.  The past either shows up over the next month physically or emotionally.  This is to trigger and release/reset long held emotions that need to.  Hopefully by now, you are used to this process, as we have been doing it thoroughly over the last month and slowly over the last 18 months.  Incase you need a reminder again, we are looking to work with themes to do with mothering, your relationship to your mother/family, and childhood.  Generally, this is to release patterns or stuck energy or remind you of what you need to nourish you.  The Cancer part in the zodiac essentially relates back to the womb, where we are 100% vulnerable and safe.  The essence of mastering the Cancer energy is to keep that vulnerability in this world, therefore learning where and who feel like home to allow this part of you to thrive.  The Moon makes a challenging aspect to Saturn at the time of this New Moon.  Where in your life are you holding yourself back due to doubt, insecurity and depressing thoughts.  The next month involves digging in deep to overcome your fears and emotions/thoughts that create obstacles in your path.  You need to be the authority of your life and take responsibility for your path/situations.  Step by step, goal by goal you can achieve anything.  I will post more on the Leo celebrations tomorrow 🙂