On 19 August 2020 we have a New Moon in Leo.  New Moons each month indicate we have a new story emerging, and fresh energy to help make that story a better one.  Its like an energetic reset.  Some months can feel trickier than others and that is usually because of how that New Moon was affected by other planets.  Next month’s New Moon is connected to the North Node, therefore there are fateful events that will play out for all of us this month.  Leo New Moons always invite more playfulness, creativity and confidence into our lives. Possibly there is something you feel strongly about communicating or learning this month when it comes to your hobbies or passions.  That egocentric way of thinking still needs to be tempered.  The New Moon also makes as aspect to Saturn.  Whatever it is we begin now, may have some obstacles or require hard work.  Saturn can make the fun and exciting new things we start, feel a little restrictive and not as fun as we would like them to feel.  Perseverance will go a long way this month.  Creativity is important as it allows us to express ourselves (especially when we are feeling confined in our movements such as with lockdown).  I suggest things like baking, crafts, doing hair and nails, painting, colouring in books, playing expressive games are just a few places to start if you need inspiration.  Look to the house ruled by Leo to get a better idea of how this New Moon is affecting you personally.