We have a New Moon in Libra occurring on 17 October 2018 NZT.  Libra represents our relationships, the balance we have in our relationships and environment, and the compromising we do in order to maintain balance.  Libra also represents our values, our fashion sense and our love of luxury.  This particular New Moon is making a ‘square’ to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. It is also opposing Mars, and ‘trining’ the north node. The Moon is getting a bit of a bashing as it is being ‘told off’ or being put in a pressure cooker to learn lots of lessons at once. You may feel less inclined to be compromising and more direct and truthful when it comes to relating to people around this time and for the next month.  Your mind is showing you how you really feel on a deeper level when it comes to values and self-worth.  The past is already coming into play with Mercury retrograde.  You may be noticing your past popping up when it comes to matters of the heart.   In essence, there is no escaping the truth in how we feel when it comes to relationships and what they mean to us.  Our ‘darker’ side is being shown when it comes to love and relationships.  We may not realise where we do not show love enough or where we sabotage situations.  Issues of boundaries, trust and intimacy are being highlighted under this New Moon and there will be links to the past that teach you about these lessons.  Some things may feel like they are being restricted from us around this time and over the next month, however any restriction that occurs over the next month is Saturn wanting you to learn something related to it.  Mars will be making us quick to react and quick to temper, so put your impatient energy into exercise.  Whenever the north node is involved, an element of a fate is usually involved.  Keep an eye out for people, conversations or events that happen this weekend and month. Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Libra in order to see where this new moon in playing out for you.