We have a New Moon in Taurus happening at NZT 2.26pm 23 April 2020.  Seeing as this New Moon is in an earth sign, this is a great time to set intentions for your physical reality and watch the fruits of what you have asked for appear.   We will all benefit from this New Moon energy by feeling very grounded within ourselves.  This Moon ‘conjuncts’ Uranus, therefore, the next month there will be the potential to tap into finding new ways of earning money, so get creative and use your talents to open new avenues of income.  Collectively our values are all undergoing a massive change since Uranus entered Taurus in March 2019.  This New Moon is implementing these new value changes.  We are constantly evolving and changing, therefore, it is important to stop and think about what is valuable to you in this current moment.   The energy around this New Moon is great to indulge in your senses with lovely food, material items (shopping) and gardening.  Its the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones. Taurus New Moons always ask us to slow down and appreciate the moment.  Appreciate love and beauty in its simplest forms.  We will all to some extent be striving for both financial and emotional security over the next month.  Take advantage of this New Moon by breaking yourself out of ruts (whether that is a habit, belief, attitude or relationship) that needs to be changed.   Venus the planet that rules Taurus, sits in Gemini at the time of this New Moon, which means we are being asked to use this energy by communicating our ideas and maybe take the time to learn something new.  Look to your Natal chart and the house ruled by Taurus to get a better understanding of where the energy is playing out for you.