We have a New Moon in Virgo on 17 September 2020.  The Virgo New Moon collectively is asking us to start a new chapter in our life when it comes to diet/health, exercise, our daily routine, cleaning, work and how we are being of service -getting all the details of our life sorted and putting a realistic plan into action where we can incorporate the mundane but necessary aspects of our life into our everyday life. The fact the New Moon makes an aspect to Saturn creates a month where our goals will be able to be sustained and manifest if we put the work in.  We will have the energy and endurance to make our goals happen.   The best way to use Virgo energy is by using discernment.  Astrologers go on about this word but in all honesty, it is the best description.  Instead of allowing all emotions and thoughts overwhelm us we need to discern what is worth paying attention to and what is going to help us move forward.  After all what we pay attention to creates our reality.  This time of year really is the best time to detox the mind, body and soul.  Help yourself by setting up healthy daily rituals (even if that means 15 minutes meditating or buying a few more healthy snacks to get your body feeling better).  Your outer life is a reflection of everything that is going on inside so I suggest you start focusing on that. SPRING CLEANING ANYONE 🙂 Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Virgo to get a more in-depth understanding where this New Moon is affecting you personally.