Birth Star Bag - TaurusBirth Star Bag - GeminiBirth Star Bag - Cancer
Birth Star Bag - Aries
Birth Star Bag - Taurus
Birth Star Bag - Gemini
Birth Star Bag - Cancer

Birth Star Bags


The Birth Star Bag Collection has been created to capture the essence of your star sign by combining astrological knowledge with alternative healing modalities. Each Star Bag contains an Absolute Essential Oil of 10ml, a small Crystal, and a written and illustrated description about the sign. The oil and crystals are signature to the star sign and help to alleviate common emotion or health symptoms that your sign is more likely to suffer from.  These are outlined in the written description.  The description is printed on textured paper and the items come in a linen bag.


  • Aries| Rosemary Oil, 3x Aventurine (20-30mm)
  • Taurus| Rose Oil, Rose Quartz  (36mmx43mm)
  • Gemini| Basil Oil, Tiger’s Eye (35mmx45mm)
  • Cancer| Blue Chamomile Oil, 5x Moonstone (15mmx20mm)


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