There are a range of readings available depending what you are looking to understand or who the chart is for. If you aren’t sure which is the best fit for you, get in touch to discuss your options.


Natal Chart Reading

Your natal chart is the foundation for all your readings. If you are new to astrology this is the best place to start. It will provide you with insight into how you are wired and the blueprint you were born with.


Transits & Progression Reading

This is usually the reading you get once you have had your natal chart done and want a further understanding with specific areas in your life. It helps you identify where you are at in your life at the moment. We can focus on questions you may have for the year ahead in this reading.


Conscious Parenting Reading

This reading is designed for mothers and fathers understand best how to nurture their child. It helps parents to encourage their child in reaching their highest potential by understanding their unique personality.


Relationship Reading

This reading looks at the combined energy in a relationship. This chart is not only for romantic relationships but can also be used for parent/child relationships and friendship compatibility. This reading will integrate you and your partner’s natal charts and compare them.