We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on 17 June 2019.  This Full Moon will bring up a lot of dreams/ideals and visions you have always wanted to do.  This is a great time to sit down and do a vision board as your imagination is expanding around this time.  It will bring with it adventurous and optimistic vibes making you want to try new things or go travelling abroad and experience different cultures.  This Sagittarius energy brings with it the need to explore what you truly believe in and how can you follow your own individual truth. The Full Moon will help bring new insights to broaden your perspective.  Be careful not to speak too much without thinking as you may end up getting into trouble with things you didn’t mean to say, or exaggerate the truth.  Watch also for being over-optimistic and setting your expectations too high. As it is a fiery Full Moon, passion will run high.  However, the flip side to the passionate fiery energy can result in getting angry and snappy with people or dominating your opinion over everyone else.   The ruler of this Full Moon is making an exact ‘square’ to Neptune at the time of the Full Moon.  Faith may be tested, learn to rise above any feelings of victimisation. Remember to look to the house in your chart ruled by Sagittarius, as this is where the Full Moon is bringing your awareness to.