We have a New Moon in Scorpio occurring on 15 November 2020 NZT.  The New Moon will be
injecting fresh energy when it comes to purging & transforming your fears. It may force you to stand in your truth when it comes to whether you are truely with in a soul mate partnership and also standing in your truth.  You can get to deeper layers when connecting with yourself and others for the next month.  The New Moon makes a sextile to both Pluto and Jupiter.  This can bring in new opportunities this month for ways of making money or investing. There will be a feeling of abundance in some area of your chart (look to the areas ruled by Capricorn and Scorpio for clues). As it is the Scorpio season you may be feeling a strong sense of determination and seriousness with this New Moon, along with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Use this new moon by listening to your psyche as this will be at a peak.   Take some time out to meditate and listen to your imagination.   This new moon could also bring some type of culmination or revelation into your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise.