“To live well, we cannot run from our feelings but instead we must learn how to integrate them into our life and let them guide us”.  We have a Solar Eclipse occurring in Cancer on 21 June 2020, the same day as we have the Solstice. Yikes! A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is in between the Sun and the Earth in direct alignment. This will always be at the time of the New Moon.  We have New Moons every month but Solar Eclipses occur approximately 6 months apart.  The Solar Eclipse is the focal point of change indicating the main thrust of the movement.  Usually, you can feel the eclipse effects as soon as one month before it occurs or one month after it occurs. Eclipses really do create milestones in our lives or obvious changing points on our path.  The degree of the eclipse falls on a powerful degree which emphasizes its potency even more.  For all of us, this is a fresh start in creating the best possible environment for yourself to feel secure and comfortable.   We all need a life full of friends/relationships who nurture us and bring out positive emotions.  We need a job that allows us to express our passions and true self and food that nourishes us for the better.  This New Moon is encouraging you to let go of any relationship, job, environment, or thought pattern that does not serve you for your own good.  Trust that if something ends around this eclipse, it is happening for a reason. Whatever it may be, it is not serving you for your evolution anymore for where you are at in your journey.  I encourage you to be honest with what drains you and what enriches you and let go of whatever it is that is affecting you emotionally for the worse.  Themes to do with mothering, your relationship to your mother/family, and childhood will all resurface.  Generally, this is to release patterns or stuck energy or remind you of what you need to nourish you.  The Cancer part in the zodiac essentially relates back to the womb, where we are 100% vulnerable and safe.  The essence of mastering the Cancer energy is to keep that vulnerability in this world, therefore learning where and who feel like home to allow this part of you to thrive.  It is super powerful as the eclipse is occurring the same day as the Solstice.  The Solstice alone is always an important turning point in the year where chapters change.  The knock-on effects will be powerful over the next 6 months, so take note…set some nurturing intentions.  These are emotional times, to say the least. Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Cancer to see where a new story is beginning for the next 6 months.