This time every year we celebrate the seasons changing from Winter into Spring down here in the the Southern hemisphere.  The equinox represents the Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun resulting in equal day and equal night.  It is a time of change, endings and beginnings.  We move into Libra energy which is the air element and cardinal by nature.  It is a time of initiating ideas for the next quarter of the year.  With the Sun staying in Libra for the next month, we are being asked to also focus our attention on relationships by figuring out how to balance the scales with all relationships in our life.  Our lives need to be balanced in all areas of our life such as emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  You will see what is out of balance this month and where you need to weigh the scales better.  When you slow down and really observe the patterns you create in relationships you will notice whether you are a people pleaser or someone who expects people to cater to your needs.  It takes a lot of conscious effort to balance the scales to allow ease and flow in relationship patterns.  It is not a bad thing if friends/relationships slip away due to better boundaries with yourself and with others.  The right relationships/friendships will stay that deserve a space in your life and are in more harmonious flow to your rhythm.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Libra to get a better idea of where the Sun will be illuminating a call for balance this month.