We have the Sun moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on 22 November 2020 NZT. I bet you can all feel a spring in your step and the transition of feeling more jolly and ready to start thinking about Christmas.The next month is a great time to gallop towards your visions, dreams and take the time to contemplate different philosophies (it really is a great time to debate… but don’t fixate on your own beliefs, but rather question other beliefs).  A year where we have collectively been asked to question our beliefs and leaders in all areas of society, comes into full throttle again. It is usually the time where many people crave an overseas experience, however channel this into reading a novel or trying something new (maybe a new walk or a new cookbook). It is a time to think BIG and discover what it is you are aiming for in work/family/hobbies/relationships.  Watch for getting carried away with ideals and indulging too much in rich foods.  I suggest you use this energy to create a vision board for yourself and try a new hobby or task that you have been putting off.  Look to your Natal chart to the house ruled by Sagittarius to see where you are needing to expand your beliefs and ideas for the coming month or reach out for a reading and learn more about yourself.