Time to get out your cauldrons, as we have the Sun entering Scorpio on 23 October 2019 NZT.   Scorpio rules intimacy, our deepest desires, fears, past lives, death, shared money, investments, magic/witchcraft, and “taboo” topics.  The Sun will be bringing with it another layer of Scorpio energy when it comes to these subjects, allowing a purging/transformative effect to take place over the next month (we already have the planet Mercury in Scorpio). There really is no hiding from these themes and subjects.  Shed, shed and shed that which no longer serves you.  The inner witch in you will be making her presence felt.  When we have so many planets in Scorpio, you can feel your unconscious mind being tapped into as well as your sixth sense.  It is always a time to look into what baggage we can shed and transform as well as what resentments still linger.  We always go through big growth spurts emotionally and spiritually when we are in ‘Scorpio season’.  You may notice you are more determined and serious, with strong intentions of what it is you desire and want in your life.  Scorpio energy always gets us to find our truth and speak our truth, after all, Scorpions only sees things as black and white.  The flip side to this energy can bring about a strong need for control, hidden motivations, possessiveness, obsessiveness, secretiveness and manipulation.  Use the Scorpio energy by listening to your psyche, as this will be at a peak. This month you could have some type of culmination or revelation in your life depending on which house Scorpio rules in your chart, but remember endings are beginnings in disguise. I suggest you make time for your ‘magic’ rituals daily, whether that is pulling some tarot cards or fuming your home with incense.  If you want to know more about how you are personally being affected, remember to reach out for a reading.