Monday 21 May 2018 we have the Sun and Mercury moving into Gemini which will fasten the pace from all this grounded and earthy Taurus energy.  The energy becomes a lot more dynamic, chatty, indecisive, scattered, the need for change and fun times to be had.   This is the sign out of the zodiac that finds it essential to pursue several courses of action at once having fingers in many pies.  Our need to express and communicate on all levels will be heightened whether that is on social media, socializing in person or writing. We will desire intellectual discussions or anything that increases our mental stimulation.  It is a great time to get out and about socialising, spending time with siblings and going on a short trip to change up the scenery.  It can cause very nervous energy, therefore, keep an eye on scattering yourself too thin and turn to things like yoga, walking or meditation to calm the overactive mind.  It is also a great time to take up a new subject to learn as our natural craving around this time is to expand our knowledge.  Look to your natal chart to the house ruled by Gemini to get a better idea where you are focusing on the next month.  Please reach out to me if you need your chart done or have any other questions.