• The Sun moves into Leo on  23 July 2019 NZT.  Everyone will feel this shift as we have had
    many watery emotions over the past month, which have exposed our insecurities.  With the Sun moving into Leo for the next month, we will start to feel more confident, expressive and feel a lot more playful.  Leo is represented by the proud lion because he is full of pride regardless of what everyone thinks of him. You will start to feel more decisive in your actions and want to express yourself with this fire energy coming in.  It is a highly creative time.
  • The Sun is squaring Uranus in Taurus over the next week which means the energy may start off with us all feeling a tad restless or a bit frustrated.  The next week you need to learn to be flexible in your opinions and for situations to change.  Learn to be patient if electronics are playing up.  It is a great time for a radical new way of expressing yourself.  Areas in life that have stagnated may receive a boost of change.
  • By the end of the week we have Venus moving out of Cancer and into Leo too.  The past/nostalgia and very watery emotions are not far off from leaving us.  Once Mercury moves direct and out of Cancer the fire party will ramp right up.