We are leading into what we call in astrology ‘Sun square Neptune’.  The best way to describe how you may be feeling over the next 5 days is as though you have dropped all concentration and care in the world.  Your imagination and creative side will be going wild, therefore trying to stay competative and on course will be very hard.  It will feel like you are tapping into another dimension.  Its a nice time to get dreamy and and follow the nice ease and flow of where your intuition is taking you.  Just be wary when signing things or dealing with things that need attention to detail as you may be tricked into believing something, or something important can easily be glossed over.  Life is full of wonder and mystery (always) but around this time in particular we feel it more strongly.  We are more touch with the beauty of life and its many magical offerings.  Your energy will likely feel depleted and lots of sleep may just be what your body needs under this transit.  Dreams are very vivid and having a spacey head is definately a side effect of this transit. You may notice how much you are drawn to music, alone time and yoga/meditation. Drink loads of water, get grounded by being out in nature and enjoy letting the ride of life take you on its mellow wave.