Uranus the planet that rules unpredictability, shakes up the status quo, gets us out of ruts and propels us out of our comfort zone stations and goes retrograde on 16 August 2020. As I have mentioned in an earlier post this transit is here with us for 8 years and is here to change what we hold valuable to us, how we view relationships and how we earn our money. Our relationship in how we treat mother earth and agriculture will also go through a big change. I also said this transit could see a lot of earthquakes occur, as well as a change in monetary systems, change in fashion and beauty cosmetics.  Astrology is the patterns and cycles of the planets, therefore history (past cycles) always have a way of repeating similar themes.  The question is, have we learnt from last time Uranus was in Taurus between 1934-1942 and is there better ways of doing things?  Uranus is looking for those genius ideas in each and everyone of us.  When we look to the last time Uranus entered Taurus, it was the middle of the Great Depression.  If you do more research you will learn about all the policies that came in during this time to help get people working again.  It was also the same time Hitler came into power/ world war ll.  What can we learn from these times? How can we see history repeating…Change is inevitable, and so is a revolution wherever Uranus travels. We can already see so much being broken down, therefore it is up to us to find new solutions. Look to ways of trading time and services instead of always relying on money as the reciprocal energy.  Get into growing your own foods instead of relying on big corporations to feed you.  Make your own natural make up products.  Look to your own chart to see where Uranus has started its revolution in your personal life.