The language of love through Venus.  I want to express a bit about Venus and her relationship wisdom. When it comes to relationships of all kinds, we all want that person to “get us” or understand how to relate to our needs.  This is what absolutely fascinates me with astrology, and in my learnings I do understand what makes an easier flowing relationship, and what makes a relationship experience more challenges and more conflict. It is very common to see lots of challenging aspects between couples charts, and that does not mean they are not a ‘compatible couple’, it does however show us where there needs to be more commitment in learning about what the other “needs” and more “work” to do in order for harmony.  Relationships are a two way street and so often people only focus on their own needs, and so often that is why relationships fall apart and lose connection.

The other scenario that can happen a lot of the time is people do not know themselves, therefore feel so dissatisfied in relationships/friendships and can’t figure out why. This is because they do not understand what they need to feel fulfilled in relationships.  I am sure you can relate to some of these scenarios I have given, after all, these are part of the lessons we are all here to learn.  We are all at certain stages in our evolutionary process, therefore our relationships will be a mirror to our evolutionary stage.

Where astrology can be so beneficial, and Venus can help assist us, is understanding our own unique love language/expression. So often, you hear people unhappy in their relationships or friendships, and yet have not figured out that we all have our own ways of expressing love. If ‘person A’ is expressing their unique love and it does not fulfil ‘person B’ then there is no way of changing them, as that is who they are and how they are ‘wired’.  I hope I have explained that properly – when people are in their ‘full conscious potential’ and are showing love in the way that they are wired (wired from your birth chart, not to be confused with conditioned patterns), it is near impossible to change that aspect of who they are.  If everyone could slow down and learn to appreciate and understand different peoples love language, a lot more people would feel understood and either continue down a path of a happier and equal relationship patterns or they would figure out sooner that the relationships are not in alignment with them.

If you want to learn more about your love language and how to nurture this side of you and/or your relationships, you know where to find me 🙂