Venus the planet of relationships, values and money turns direct on 25 June 2020 NZT.
Relationship troubles over the last 40 days and 40 nights??  Feeling like your money situation has gotten worse?? Gone back over old issues or back to old lovers?  Battling with self-worth issues? These things are typical in a Venus retrograde.  We are ready to move forward again and complete any karmic cycles that we have carried with us.  This particular Venus retrograde has related back to when Venus last went retrograde in Gemini June of 2012. Do you recognise any similar patterns or things that have linked to that period in your life? Venus in Gemini has helped us with realising where there are communication breakdowns or how we speak to ourself when giving ourself love.  All Venus themes will start feeling a forward momentum (e.g. relationships with partners or business partnerships, finances, self-esteem and values).  If you want to learn more about how you are being affected, reach out for a reading.