Venus in Gemini is turning retrograde
(backwards) on 13 May 2020.  Venus rules everything to do with love, relationships, money, your talents and values. Venus going retrograde will affect us collectively starting from 13 May 2020 25 June 2020.  The common themes that will occur over this time frame include evaluating your love to yourself and values…are you giving so much love and energy to your partners and friends and not enough to yourself?  Are you receiving the same amount of effort back as you put into all of your relationships?  If not, you will see clearly where there is a breakdown.  After all, relationships should be balanced with equal energy and love being put in from both sides.  Our most important relationship is with ourselves, so Venus again is asking you to take a good look at how well you love and look after yourself.  Another common theme that occurs over this time period is past lovers appear.  A lot of the time it is to finish off karma.  Other times it is to reconcile but my advice is to wait for Venus to go direct if this is what happens.  The same goes for buying new clothes or valuables.  If you can wait until Venus goes direct again it is encouraged, as we often change our minds when Venus goes direct – you may find yourself asking yourself why on earth you bought it!   Venus is dragging us back to help clarify what our deepest desires are.  This is a time that Venus shows us where we have doubts in ourselves and where we need to work on more self-love and more self-assurance.  We will be transformed with this transit to bring clearer communication in our relationships.  People will be very sensitive over this period, so be kind in how you communicate your feelings.