On  22 June 2019 NZT we have the Sun entering Cancer which marks the time of our annual Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere) or summer Solstice  (longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere).   This is a lovely time to nurture ourselves, heal the past and take some time out.  This water energy can bring about some amazing creative inspiration and ideas.  On the other hand we are dealing with deep waters on an unconscious level…your desires are more apparent and unconscious fears or past habitual patterns are being stirred deep from within.  To navigate these waters you need to be extremely present with yourself otherwise you will resort to ’emotional eating’ or ‘sulking behaviours’.  If we can handle doing the inner work, the results will take you to a place of contentment.  As a result you will see a wave of healing and love wash over you, so I suggest do the inner work!  Being emotionally present is an especially powerful healing tool for this water sign.  Cancer enhances the memory so watch for holding onto grudges.. but do observe what memories float back up around this time, as it is a great time to reminisce.  It is a great time to spend with loved ones especially prominent female figures in our life.  This energy is used best to enjoy time spent at home and nurturing our close relationships, as we will all have more emotional energy than usual.  Watch out for overeating as we may take our emotions out on food more than usual. Spending time with animals is also highly favoured.  Our intuition is crazy strong too so listen to your instincts.  If you need to rid any excess energy I suggest water sports or being active by the water.  Look to the House ruled Cancer to see where your time and energy are asking you to focus on the next month.